Kamala Harris slammed for using child actors in bizarre space video

New York  Post – by Callie Patteson

Vice President Kamala Harris is being roundly mocked on social media for her bizarre space exploration video, after it was revealed the children featured as “students” in the clip — produced by a company called Sinking Ship Entertainment — were actually child actors.

The video is the first in a YouTube Original series called “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” and features the vice president speaking with several young “students” about the wonders of space exploration and science. 

Released last Thursday, Harris was first panned for her performance in the clips.

One observer likened her performance to a secret serial killer, while others criticized her exaggerated facial expressions and baby-talk vocal tone. Another user compared her gestures and comments to tripping on drugs.

Days later, it was revealed the children featured in the video were child actors.

“All five of them are actors,” Carlo Bernardino, whose 13-year-old son Trevor was one of the youngsters taking part, told the Washington Examiner. “He’s a child actor — he’s been trying to do this type of thing for a while. And so he has a manager and an agent in LA and they send him castings.”

The video featuring Harris, Trevor and co-stars Derrick Brooks II, Emily Kim, Zhoriel Tapo and Sydney Schmooke was shot Aug. 11-13 at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, where the VP’s residence is located, according to the outlet.

The revelation immediately drew ridicule on social media, with former President Donald Trump’s son Donald Jr. praising Harris for “her commitment to cringe.”

“Just when you thought the fakest human being in the history of the world couldn’t get any more phony there’s this…,” he tweeted. “Her commitment to cringe is truly impressive!”

“Wow even worse than we knew. Kamala Harris used child actors in her space video,” Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo wrote.

Chris Pandolfo, an editor for Blaze Media, suggested the vice president is “faker than Hillary Clinton.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson also slammed the footage, calling it the “fakest thing that’s ever been caught on video.”

“So for humanitarian reasons we are not going to play that video, but it’s online,” he said. “If you dare, look it up, watch it. Watch it again, watch your own soul die as you do. It’s the fakest thing that’s ever been caught on video but, in fact, it’s even faker than it looks.”

Tim Murtaugh, the former communications director for Trump, pointed out the productions company’s name, Sinking Ship Entertainment, further adding to the mockery.

“This just keeps getting better,” he wrote. “The company producing Kamala Harris’ video featuring professional child actors, which is called *Sinking Ship Entertainment* … is based in Canada.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called the video “fake news,” a phrase often used by Trump and many on the right when aiming criticism at left-leaning media.

“Wow. Even for politics, this is cynical,” Cruz tweeted. “Quite literally … fake news.”


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