Libyan No-Fly Zone in Spite of Public Opinion

As civil war rages through Libya United States politicians are swarming to the back rooms of Washington like rats to a grain elevator.  Though the overwhelming opinion through the American population is “No more wars” these politicians seem hell bent in carrying out their orders given to them by the international oil cartels wherein they are to use U.S. military might to secure Libya’s oil for their masters.

They are saying, “We just want a no-fly zone,” which we all know would require the extensive bombings of every air field in Libya.  Under international law this is an act of war.  If we have learned one thing it is when the industrial war complex gets its fangs sunk into a Middle Eastern country, it will not let go.  They do not care if they destroy the United States in achieving their goals.  In fact the destruction of the United States is one of their goals.

The majority of Americans not only do not want another war, but want us out of the ones we are in.  But since when has what the majority wants meant anything to this abortion of a so called representative government? 

We Americans need to start looking into the procedures to be followed to recall our Congress and Senate persons before they go before the voters again.  I think the game of politics has entered a new facet wherein all those going to Washington DC do so with the full intent of betraying the people and being voted out in the next election.  And when they are voted out they leave with a fat pension for life and a readymade job provided by the corporations they served in truth while in office. 

So until we can get some real Americans passed the bribes and into office who will truly do the work of the American people, we had better start exercising our right to recall, if for no other reason than to slow down the destruction

I see the media portraying teachers, police, and firefighters as greedy for wanting to be secure in the contracts they have made for their services.  Yet in the same instance no one wants to talk about the gluttonously rich who have more money than they can possibly spend in a million lifetimes and still want more, even if they have to take it from the most deprived in our society and through the life’s blood of our service men and women, who are right now sacrificing their lives for nothing more than profit.

God let our people see the traitors for what they are.

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  1. The morons in office just can’t wrap their fool heads around the fact that we cannot go into Libya. We are currently throwing away 2 billion a week in Afghanistan and would be insanity to even contemplate any action in Libya. Let the cowards in Europe handle it. Americans have had enough of this garbage.

    If we lose the Libyan oil then stop the private jet charters for the filthy rich in America and force these thieves to fly commercial. The hell with burning fuel needlessly. Some of these pieces of garbage fly thousands of miles with only one person in the goddamn jet anyway. Burning thousands of gallons of fuel. Put a stop to it.

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