May 1: Victims of Communism Day | Ten Films to Honor the Dead

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Perhaps as many as a hundred million people were victims of communism in the last century, deliberately rounded up, shot, starved, or simply forced to march into snowy wasteland until dead, exterminated by communist regimes. 

The most comprehensive statistical source for democide statistics, Death By Government, puts the toll at 106 million. Necrometrics estimates that Stalin and Mao alone killed 60 million. Wikipedia, defining democide more narrowly, puts the toll between 21 million and 70 million. The Museum of Communism estimates 100 million murdered. The Black Book of iCommunism estimates 80 to 100 million.

But these are just statistics. As psychologists have pointed out, it’s impossible for the human mind to grasp the magnitude of that level of horror through sheer numbers. Just as Schindler’s List was instrumental in getting the public to come to finally terms with the Holocaust, it is perhaps through film that death toll of communism can best be understood.

Every May 1st for the last several years, Ilya Somin has written an editorial for the Washington Post declaring the “May Day” so beloved by the Left to be renamed “Victims of Communism Day.” I concur, and so, while socialists blissfully celebrate their worker’s paradise this May Day, indifferent to the human cost of their political philosophy, I propose that well-meaning people consider watching a film on the subject, both out of respect for those lost and to be intellectually armed against the ignorance of those still in denial. Here are some recommendations.

See what they are here:

10 thoughts on “May 1: Victims of Communism Day | Ten Films to Honor the Dead

  1. schindler’s list is a comedy for me. I watch parts of it to make me laugh at the idiots who believe the holyhoax tripe and just how truly stupid they must really be!

    I watched “The Killing Fields” in 1984 with a couple of Cambodian refugees whose families were killed by the khmer rouge/pol pot and that was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

    I would love to sit in a joo york theatre showing of schindlers list so I could do this:

    1. Speaking of Khmer Rouge, the documentary “S-21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine” is maybe the best documentary to expose Communist atrocities ever, made by survivors of this prison and also features very young prison guards “just following orders” out of fear of Pol Pot and his ilk. But Dith Pran in “The Killing Fields” is also heroic. Shanberg, not so much. It is also on YouTube for free but I don’t have the link. Hopefully they didn’t remove it yet.

  2. I think the question should be asked is how many have we (USA,inc.) murdered and killed in our own banker-for-profit wars? Let’s see, we’ve got 61 Million dead just from the war on the unborn alone (abortion on demand)…Hospitals kill at least 250,000 annually and who’s to know how many of these deaths are deliberate? I haven’t read of any other county that kills and maims so many as the US……Aren’t we the ones who have been financing communism for 100 years now?

    1. Exactly, they use these fkg wars in part to inflate the dollar, the goddamned F35 project is a trillion dollar pink elephant. The goddamned things were manufactured to kill the dollar, killing off the American National as well. Commie feel good shit. NETANYAHO got his rocks off using them to kill off his enemies before Americans even knew what the damn things looked like. Makes me sick to my stomach knowing Americans paid for this shit.

      Every day goes by things become more and more in focus. Time to lite this shit off, really getting tired of pounding sand.

  3. “Just as Schindler’s List was instrumental in getting the public to come to finally terms with the Holocaust, ”

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