2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in London…

  1. This is communism moving closer and closer to one of its favored end-games: Your choice: slavery or starvation. And making parents obsolete. All for the state.

    Is there such a thing as a love gene? What is it that makes us care about our children, our family, our friends? It’s built in. We naturally nurture and protect. This is what they’re going after. The love gene, and its connection to our rights, ’cause when we have our rights, we’re free to be who we are and who we are does not fit their model of compliance.

    I don’t want them blocking any single one of my rights, but mostly I don’t want them blocking my right to love, by coldly and ruthlessly shutting out all opportunities to express it. Thank goodness real love will face evil and knows how to fight.


  2. Been trying to find out who the “professional film company” is that goaded the production of this tripe, but I’ll bet they’re kosher.

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