2 thoughts on “Meet The Police Officer From Hell

  1. This is a rather typical bully-coward, one who pushes his weight around outside of the law. How can even the most stupid police officer condone and allow this kind of stupidity, arrogance, and unlawful behavior?
    This is embarrassing for the community and law enforcement in general!
    Fire this imbecile at the least!

  2. Notice the CNN robot’s attempted efforts to find some kind of justification for the barking dog’s behavior. The thugs have no business accosting private people with no indication of a crime being committed.

    Oh, wait….
    The uniformed thug is a CORPORATE contract enforcer and revenue generator for the CORPORATION. The private person gave up his private status through contracts with the CORPORATION (albeit via deception and fraud by said CORPORATION) through his consent to a STRAWMAN Birth Certificate, DRIVER’S License, SOCIAL SECURITY Number, and by giving LEGAL TITLE to his conveyance to the STATE CORPORATION. So the CORPORATE ENFORCER was looking to inspect and generate revenue from one of the CORPORATION’S franchisees.

    You people who do not understand how the above-mentioned issues work and why they are viable (for the CORPORATE usurpers, anyway) as a means of legal, (not lawful) fiction in the admiralty system of commerce need to listen to the archive of Thursday’s programs, where JD (a fine American Patriot; may he live to see his grandchildren breathing free air in our recaptured Republic) rehearses for you the forfeiture of our American Republic and every soul and inch of property to the international Zionist bankers.

    There is much more to understand regarding this subject, and I pray you will take the time to comprehend the severity of it and speak out so others may also learn the truth.

    God Bless the Republic;
    No king but King Jesus.

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