Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney Get a Free Commercial, Ron Paul Stands Firm

Last night’s GOP debate conducted by CNN was one of the most controlled events I have ever witnessed.  From the onset it became clear that what I was watching was a rigged forum.  The establishment candidates were clearly given an advantage.  If you would like to know how, I will tell you.

When a candidate like Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney is being handled and controlled by a third party, they are trained to speak in 30 and 60 second sound bites as their entire campaign is based on a commercial sale.  As I mentioned in a previous article I am at present attending a school for radio broadcasting and I have learned that the mainstay of the business is commercial sales.  And the slogans and buzz words I witnessed flowing from the mouths of all the candidates except Ron Paul were definitely staged and rehearsed.  The very fact that the forum was set up to accommodate this commercialism was obvious.

Ron Paul had a message and if you observe this so called debate, the structure in the questioning and the time limits were designed to transfer his legitimate points into watered down, unspecific versions for Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain.  The issues were then watered down further and funneled to Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, and Newt Gingrich.  By the time they had flowed through the group the basic thought had been lost.

Next they used the short segue; thick crust – thin crust, Coke – Pepsi, and IPhone – Blackberry; to ease our minds and prepare us for the next series of 30 and 60 second commercials.  In the end Ron Paul did manage to blurt out that his main message of End the Fed had not been addressed in the so called debate.

There can be no question that the tight control on the statements that were allowed demonstrates an absolute fear of the Ron Paul message.

The candidates were graded after the debate in a pathetic attempt to legitimatize this 100% staged event.  And of course the mildly retarded Mitt Romney got the highest grade, followed by the neo-con darling uneducated Michele Bachmann.

What is going on here is an enhanced repeat of the very same strategy used in 2008 to remove Ron Paul from the equation.  They will continue to bury Paul’s constitutional message while trying to make it seem that the people are moving towards Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, while the rest of the field will be used to give the illusion that 5% to 7% of the vote is being drawn away from Ron Paul and to the other candidates.

When we hit Iowa they will usher in the sleeper.  The Newt.  Their boy.  And with a couple of 20% wins he will be put forth as the Republican candidate with the ding-dong Michele Bachmann as his running mate.  Thus assuring that the elite’s loyal lapdog Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro will have another four years to carry forth their agenda, which is our destruction.

But it is not going to happen.  The people are past this rubbish.  Looking at the individuals they put forth to ask the questions only served to anger this American as I saw their true message.  And that is that these mush minded bunch of self serving neo-cons, who only make up a mere 20% of the top 10% will be deciding what one of our two choices is going to be.  Not only no, but hell, no.

If the phony right continues to deliberately try to remove Ron Paul as one of our choices, we will simply vote him in as an Independent with Jesse Ventura as his running mate.  We are going to teach these slimy arrogant sleaze balls once and for all that we have had a gut full of them and that no amount of money or purchased propaganda is going to stop us from putting Ron Paul into the White House in 2012.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney Get a Free Commercial, Ron Paul Stands Firm

  1. Ron won the MSNBC poll in the Ed Shultz with over 54% of the vote last night. Another thing I noticed is that the crowd in NH didn’t look enthusastic about the debate. Tim Palenty was an epic fail last night too.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Very astute observations.

    Ron Paul is the only hope for this country in 2012 !!

  3. I agree and it’s also why I think that Ron Paul supporters need to GET TO WORK supporting their candidate. We can’t sit around and wait till the caucuses and primaries begin as it will be too late at that point – the mainstream media will have effectively killed Dr. Paul’s chances by writing him off. The more the people hear that he is irrelevant, unfortunately, the more likely they’ll be to believe it. Start plastering America with Ron Paul campaign signs NOW!

  4. I think it’s going to be the Texas Gov. with Bachman as his running mate…but yeah, you summed it up pretty well.

  5. Henry,

    Great article. I agree … Bachman is the new “hope” after the media creation Herman Cain is fizziling after people look into him more.

    Honeslty if all the people have to do is not vote for ObamaCare 1.0 with Romney … You have to love Ron Paul’s Chances cause his folks are going no where.

  6. Ron Paul is feared by the Military-Industrial Complex which Eisenhower warned us about. Paul would cut empire expansion, balance our budgets, end the private prison industry by decriminalizing most drugs. Media is owned by the same complex, and is therefore directed to minimize Paul’s message. This leaves US, you and me, to spread the Paul message as far and wide as possible. Elections are rigged by the primary process. Whoever rises through the primaries can be bought. ( Read One Hundred Essential Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know: Math Explains Your World) Spread the word, folks. Do your part.

  7. You make a good point.

    But why, then, did they interview Ron Paul in the after debate time, and not the establishment candidates?

    Four years ago, they would have interviewed all of them. The establishment candidates would be first, and Ron Paul would be one of the last, after many people had stopped watching.

  8. I hope you are right but I am afraid that our media addicted poplulation has been so massively dumbed down that enough of the voters cannot see what is happening to our country as Ron Paul can see and speaks about so clearly and forcefully…….Hope and vote Ron Paul, Republican, Independent, Write in……………………Cordially, Leo M. McCormick

  9. You people are correct but, Obama will be kept in because, just look at the damage he caused in ONE YEAR! He’s their allstar! They know how to play the game and his popularity numbers will be ARTIFICIALLY propped up to convince us of his win in 2012. Also, you will see allegations of VOTER FRAUD THIS TIME FROM COAST TO COAST but, it will be too late as the establishment will force our country further into tyranny. RON PAUL IS OUR LEADER and we don’t need a bunch of greedy psycopaths to tell us different!

    In liberty

  10. Ron Paul wins the applaud meters after this transaction of answers.

    “Paul received one of the best reactions of any of the candidates after Romney said that if he were president, he would withdraw troops from Afghanistan only if his generals agreed that it was the right move.

    “I wouldn’t wait for my generals,” Paul responded.

    “I’m the commander in chief. I make the decisions. I tell the generals what to do,” Paul, 76, said. “I’d bring them home as quickly as possible. And I would get them out of Iraq as well. And I wouldn’t start a war in Libya. I’d quit bombing Yemen. And I’d quit bombing Pakistan. I’d start taking care of people here at home because we could save hundreds of billions of dollars.”


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