Minute Memo #251- Obama Shreds Immigration Caps

Published on Jan 13, 2016 by Bill Still

It seems like just a month ago we were talking about the huge fuss when Obama tried to bring in an extra 10,000 Syrians migrants into the U.S. to help out good ole Angela Merkel keep the Germans happy.
Well, since we made such a big deal about Senator Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump making a big deal about it, guess what? Obama simply bypassed the Congress and the American people and bypassed the existing immigration limits set by Congress, and issued a 200-page executive order that through a simple two-step process of deception, just blows the limits away – makes them essentially unlimited.
Those poor Syrian muslims – uhhh, I mean refugees – have to have somewhere to go because with another 8-10 million coming to Germany over the next 4 years, and everyone else closing their doors by building – perish the thought – large, strong fences across their national borders, what’s a president to do?
Pew reports that Americans want immigration caps reduced – not made unlimited – by an overwhelming 3-1 margin.
The same Pew report shows that Obama’s immigration policies will add the population equivalent of 25 cities the size of Los Angeles to our national population over the next 50 years – unless Congress will stop him.
Oh, and most of these folks will be going on one form of government assistance or another.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.

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