7 thoughts on “Moon hoax not

  1. My opinion is this guy is a loon… remember the van allen radiation belt, thrust from the incredible lunar lander motors making that huge crater under the lander, and the people aboard this so called lander could live in a craft with the outside literally made of foil… I do not believe it takes a rocket scientist to tell it was a fake event… and by the way who really gives a flyin fk what this guy has to say, or even what I have to say… just saying… this guy is full of it up to his ears and his goofy hat…

  2. “collins is not sure if men went to the moon. but he is sure they could not have faked it.”

    Collins is an idiot.

    I don’t have a link, but I”m sure you can find the video clip if you search. It contained Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and a couple other stooges from the Bush regime, and they openly discuss how the moon photography was faked. It’s a “limited hang-out” tactic to convince people we actually went to the moon, but only the photography was falsified, because the photography is what first caused people to question the event.

    1. I guess he missed the flag rippling in the wind, the fall of one of the astronauts and the wire used to upright him, the C on the prop rock, the background hills the same no matter where they went and what they photographed and on and on.

  3. La la la. Blah blah blah. I was hoping this would be about the black ops space program, not Never A Straight Answer’s fiction for the public. Well, he did his part and got his paycheck from NASA, plus the transnational criminal organization had an opportunity to sling a lot of that brown smelly stuff at the awakened and waking public. But it’s not working, so back to the drawing board all you disinformation scatologists!

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