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How Much Control does Zuckerberg Really have over Facebook? – Commiebook?

It’s been said that Facebook has been used as a medium for Russian hackers to run roughshod over the largest social medium site in history, controlling and instigating immigration rallies, political rallies, American elections and whatever else Putin and his cronies can get their hands on. It’s also been theorized that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been used for ads inside Facebook by fake names, entities or whatever you want to call them from god knows where around the globe. These entities are enemies to America and not a goddamed thing is being done about it.

Mark Zuckerberg, being the liberal Bill of Rights killer that he is, might be allowing this to happen, or is he? Has the hacking problem worldwide become such a problem that it can’t be controlled? Facial recognition, world class algorithms and bar none security precautions be damned? I’m guessing yes, Facebook has become commiebook and Zuckerberg, in my opinion lets it happen. Hackers from all over the world have Mark Zuckerberg by the Matzo Balls!    

Facebook has become so large, that it’s virtually impossible to control what is really is going on inside its Jewish controlled walls. It’s far more than just a site where friends and family share pictures and vacation ideas, it’s now become a way for American enemies to communicate, plot and execute ways in which to infiltrate and control American politics, everyday American values while subverting young and old American minds.

A globalization of enemies that want Americans dead, mind controlled and basically turned into zombies. Is it working? Look around, you tell me.

Bombings, shootings, planes blown out of the air, cars run through crowds at rallies and basic mayhem never seen before on such a large scale. This garbage never happened before commiebook. It’s turned into something way more than just a fun social medium, it’s now turned into a medium that controls politics, young and old minds and God knows what else. It’s become dangerous, not only to Americans, but also to countries all over the world. It’s turned a young Jewish punk, into a multi billionaire with ambitions directed into a seriously dangerous medium and growing by the second. Our so called leaders have green-lighted this garbage, with no end in sight.

What are you going to do about it commieberg?

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7 Responses to How Much Control does Zuckerberg Really have over Facebook? – Commiebook?

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    Im not really sure how much control he has over anything, One thing I do know is, I have control over what I allow to control me.

    • g says:

      Do you have control ? From the Trenches is a CIA,FBI,KGB,RCMP,MOSSAD, infiltrated form of Social media. They use microwave technology, that can send messages to the masses so we can turn on our computers.

      • Martist says:

        Do tell how the cia wants us to discuss, understand and uphold our Bill of Rights, and how THAT would be advantageous to them?

      • Henry Shivley says:

        I hope this is a joke. If not I can only respond that you are a dead-headed, mush-minded, retarded, moronic, shit brain, and more directly a communist agent, but I am glad that the fear is setting in. And by the way, the pay here is shit for a big government operation.

  2. Jill in AL says:

    Another reason I am glad I closed my commiebook account six years ago and want nothing to do with them. People look at me funny when they tell me to follow something on commiebook and I tell them I will not go there.

  3. DL. says:

    I truly believe the elites, all the elites, always assume they control everything but psychopath is as psychopath does. They have no idea that they themselves are being controlled by “wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). Now, given a choice between being controlled by God (the in-dwelling Holy Spirit) and being controlled by Satan (the deceiver), which one would you choose?

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