5 thoughts on “Netanyahu returning as Israel’s prime minister

  1. So I guess the Jewish Supremacist “settlers” go their “revenge” on the Palestinian “Arab Joint List” which set up the anti-Likud factions within the Knesset during Israel’s 4th (or was it 5th?) (s)elections earlier….
    Well, if a communist could take over Brazil by stealing elections… And, oh yeah, that creepy Joe dude…

      1. Have to repeat myself: I’M SICK OF THE WHOLE VOTING GAME THAT IS NOW ENTERTAINING, DISTRACTING, AND DECEIVING THE MASSES. Today, there is NO politician who is not corrupted. None alive, anyway. And I’m also sick of other Internet broadcasters who bring much profound truth, like exposing Jewish Power, or the lethal bio-weapon, or the communistic overtake of all nations, and yet they’re constantly swimming in the cesspool of what election turn-outs might be. It’s like Plato discussing how to deal with ants on your window-sill. They’re buyin’ in, as if the outcomes matter. SICKENING!!

        Just looked up the anagrams for “elections” and there it was “selection.” But we already knew that. So now, until The Bill of Rights is front and center of any political debate, none of it matters as all it serves is THE STATUS QUO.

        Gate-keeper is another word for TRAITOR!!


  2. Gee….was there any doubt?

    Great. We have to listen to Bennie Yahoo again for another 4 years or so. Can’t these assholes just stay in office only for one term and then go away?

    Friggin Satanic cockroaches.

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