Son tracks down mom’s stolen car and opens fire on people inside, Missouri cops say

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One person is at-large and four people are in custody following a firefight between the relative of a car theft victim and a group of people in the stolen vehicle, according to Missouri authorities. 

A woman’s car was stolen in St. Louis’ Sunset Hills area early in the morning on Monday, Oct. 31, the Richmond Heights Police Department told KMOV, KSDK, and the Riverfront Times. The woman’s son decided to pursue the car and those inside.

He used a GPS and tracked the car to Richmond Heights at the intersection of Big Bend Boulevard and Interstate 64, Richmond Police said in a news release. The son confronted the people inside the stolen car and opened fire on them, according to police.

One juvenile was hit and suffered a non-life threatening injury, police said. KMOV reported the victim was hit in the leg.

Richmond police officers received a call about a firefight between two vehicles and responded to the scene.

Four people had gotten out of the stolen vehicle and fled into the nearby neighborhood, police said. The injured suspect was taken into custody about two blocks from the initial scene and transported to a hospital. Two more suspects were taken into custody about four blocks away.

The fourth suspect escaped and has not been found as of Oct. 31, police said.

Officers took the gun from the relative of the car theft victim and also took him into custody.

Richmond police officers searched the area and found two guns dropped by the fleeing suspects. Later in the day, police received a call that someone matching the description of the fourth suspect was spotted looking through the yard where officers had found a gun.

Police have not yet announced any charges related to the incident.

Richmond police officers considered the fleeing suspects a threat to the community and initiated lockdowns at two nearby schools. Maplewood Richmond Heights Elementary School and The International Schoolhouse were on lockdown from about 8:30 a.m. until 10 a.m., the release said.

Richmond Heights is a suburb of St. Louis.

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