New budget of 25 million for HAARP type High Frequency arrays (HF / VHF)


Here we are in 2015 a full year after they announced a temporary “closure” of the HF (high frequency) facility in Gakona, AK — and we come to find out that the only thing that changed up in Alaska is the NAME of the facility.

The US Navy has requested 25 million for a few UNNAMED high frequency (HF) Arrays for the fiscal year of 2015.   Specifically to do the same type of experiments that the HAARP program was doing!  

Obviously, there are only a few places on US soil where these polar facilities can exist, thus we know the “array” being talked about is the only array we know of… the IRI antenna array in Gakona (slang termed the HAARP antennas).

Above: The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) antenna array in Gakona Alaska, formerly known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) , the program is now over, but the array is being controlled by the US Navy, who allocated 25 million for the array(s) listed in the FY2015 budget request.

No doubt about it now that the 2015 budgets are in.   As with the prior two years, the research using the “array” carries on.

Here are the FY 2013, FY 2014, FY 2015 requests from the US Navy: (seen on page 92 of the 492 page pdf, don’t confuse the pdf page #’s with the printed pages numbers at the bottom of each page)

haarp 2015 hf arrays military

The Navy has allocated $25 million for these programs, as it turns out that is more than DOUBLE the amount dedicated to these types of programs in 2013 by DARPA.

DARPA had control of the HAARP program for the last 2-3 years of the “program” , along with the US Air Force, and US Navy, who allocated a total of $11 million.


No longer to be called H.A.A.R.P. — the program has been disbanded — now replaced with a more general term of High Frequency ‘Array’.

The “program” ends, but the antenna facilities go on to future uses.

I suppose HAARP is now to be called the Alaskan High Frequency Array (HFA?!)

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was/is part of a network of arrays being used worldwide, and surely not the last to be built.

No doubt about it now, they’ve allocated money for the same experiments, at the same facilities.  Just dropped the program name of “HAARP”.

4 thoughts on “New budget of 25 million for HAARP type High Frequency arrays (HF / VHF)

  1. During the congressional hearings, the navy commander stated that they had gotten what they needed from HAARP at the Alaska base and no longer needed a “stationary” location, and so no longer needed to fund the original researchers and their work. Therefore, I think it easy to assume that what they no longer wanted to do was to support the educational aspect of the research and its research program since they had already achieved their goal. Without the funding, the founding research team would have to abandon the site, and hence, the site was commandeered by the Navy itself, to be used for undisclosed purposes. He did state that the program was being used successfully to manipulate the weather. Gives a whole new meaning to Global Climate change, doesn’t it? Catastrophic superstorms, droughts, floods, etc. are now part and parcel with global war tactics and control of the entire planet! Wow!

  2. “No doubt about it now, they’ve allocated money for the same experiments, at the same facilities. Just dropped the program name of “HAARP”.”

    Yep. It ain’t rocket science, people.

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