New Jersey Patriots Going the Distance for Gun Owner’s Rights

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Trenton, NJ –( The past six months have presented the ultimate challenge for those who love Liberty.

First, a tragedy of epic proportions, pure evil at the hands of a monster.

Next, a one-sided media firestorm, devoid of facts or fairness, blaming Gun Owners for the acts of a madman. Then, a nationwide legislative juggernaut to steamroll our rights into oblivion. New York took the first hit, then Colorado and (Maryland)  Connecticut.   

In New Jersey, more than 80 gun bills came at us in a steady stream from January to June, in an endless procession of legislative hearings and inquisitions where gun owners stood up and fought with every ounce of heart and strength against impossible odds. It’s been a battle of epic proportions – non-stop, ruthless and relentless, and the enemies of freedom never counted on ordinary folks locking arms to form Liberty’s shield.

But that’s exactly what we did, and now that we are entering the final phase of the fight, it’s time to look back briefly and assess the battlefield. Out of more than 80 bills introduced, as we went to press it appeared that approximately 16 were heading to the Governor’s desk. Of those 16, two were positive for gun owners, 9 were neutral or neutralized through amendments resulting from gun owner input, and 5 were blatant attacks on gun rights.

Four pro-active, uncontroversial bills addressing longstanding gun owner concerns were promised but were stalled and have not yet been delivered.

Additionally, anti-gun democrats suffered several extremely embarrassing moments that were documented on YouTube videos that have gone viral. These include the infamous hot mic comments of three legislators discussing gun confiscation and disparaging gun owners; various committee chair blunders (dishonoring the pledge of allegiance, telling the public their testimony would be taken after voting, and heavy-handed ejection of gun owners from hearings); and blatant committee vote-rigging that could result in the demise of the awful Sweeney firearms ID card bill.

These results have come at a price: gun owners are physically and emotionally exhausted from 6 months of intense and non-stop battle. But there is no rest for the weary yet – this is the moment to which we all have been called, and we must persevere to the very end. If the flame of Freedom burns in your heart – and you wouldn’t have read this far if it didn’t – then you must find the strength to go the distance and see this fight through the final phase.

Liberty is calling, and the Second Amendment’s future is at stake. Answer the call.

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