3 thoughts on “NEW: Woke National Geographic names drag queen and climate activist Pattie Gonia Traveler of the Year 2024.

  1. Okay, when I was a kid I peeked at the pictures of the half-naked Africans on the other side of the earth because National Geographic took us there. Great fun. But beyond that, I remember that National Geographic was a very revered and respected publication. Smart and dignified. It taught us much about the greater world in all its originality. I can’t remember ever viewing anything there that was perverse of debased. But such is the turning of the world right now, where all publications, all institutions are mocking morality and disregarding nature. Good thing there are many who are working to turn the world back to decency and beauty. I’d rather be a prude than a pervert.


  2. At this link: https://collider.com/disney-companies-marvel-hulu-lucasfilm/

    “Disney now has majority ownership of Natioal Graphic, or as it is known under its official business name, National Geographic Partners, LLC. … This grants Disney majority ownership of National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Kids, National Geographic TV, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo People, Nat Geo Maps, and Under the Stars.”

    Now things make a bit more sense. Or do they?


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