New York City police say gathering evidence for possible Weinstein arrest warrant


The New York City Police Department said on Friday that it had a credible narrative from an unidentified woman who has made a rape allegation against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and was gathering evidence for a possible arrest warrant.

Reuters requests for comment from Weinstein’s representative and his lawyer were not immediately answered.  

New York City Police Department Deputy Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told a news conference that the alleged victim “put forth a credible and detailed narrative.”

“We have an actual case here,” Boyce said. He said the police department became aware of the accusation on October 25.

Boyce said it was a seven-year-old case and “we have to move forward gathering evidence.”

Boyce said that because Weinstein was out of state the police department would need a court-ordered warrant for any arrest.

More than 50 women have claimed that Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them over the past three decades. Weinstein has denied having non-consensual sex with anyone. Reuters has been unable to independently confirm any of the allegations.

Boyce said police had spoken to the woman and “we found corroboration along the way.”

He said the NYPD was working on the case with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

“Right now he (Weinstein) poses no threat to anybody in New York City. He’s out of state. So it’s a continuing investigation,” Boyce told the news conference.

Earlier on Friday, in response to media reports, Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., told Reuters, “A senior sex crimes prosecutor is assigned to this investigation, and the Office has been working with our partners in the NYPD since the new allegations came to light.”

Police in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and London have also said they are investigating sexual assault allegations against Weinstein but no charges have been brought against him.

3 thoughts on “New York City police say gathering evidence for possible Weinstein arrest warrant

  1. I see marketing value here.

    So I have to capitalize on this….so. ..

    I’ve pitched a new reality show.

    It’s called….

    Drum roll plz….

    “Celebrity Rapist Rehab.”

    The first season will star.

    Weinstein, Cosby.., Spacey ,Wiener and Bill Clinton.

  2. Ok… I figured the season finale episode of this South Park script.

    On the last season show.

    The victims go online and vote on which one gets castrated and their testicles put in a mason jar pickled and set on display.

    Next to the dinosaur exhibit at the Smithsonian.
    New extinct species…Predatorsaurus Rex.

    I also forgot the therapist…line up.

    On a side note… does therapist have rapist included in the word…?

    So… here’s the therapist. ..line up for the series.

    Dr. OZ
    Dr. Drew
    Dr. Phil
    Dr. Laura

    And my favorite Dr.

    Dr. Feelgood. Motley Crue.

  3. Well let’s see.
    Is there an accusation of a crime? As in was someone’s person or property damage or other rights violated? Sounds like it. All be it that most of the accusers sound like they did have sex for income despite not enjoying it.

    Is there any witnesses to any one of these accusations?
    As of now I’m unaware of any first person eye witnesses.

    My conclusion is…
    No charges can be filed without these simple things.

    Perhaps getting a witness or just take this scumbag out of this world(sans witnesses) sounds like the next step.

    No cops actually required.

    Your welcome. Happy to help.
    That will be 10,000 Fed reserve notes and a 1099form please. Lol

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