New York Police Sergeant Finally Charged In Death of Eric Garner

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A New York Police Department sergeant has just been charged in the death of Eric Garner, but when you here the details, you might be shocked.

The sergeant has been stripped of her gun and badge. She now faces internal charges in the July 2014 death of Eric Garner, but still no criminal charges.  

eric-garnerThis marks the first official accusation of wrongdoing to date in the case that captured the attention of the nation, and the world. Along with killings like that of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the death of Eric Garner shined a spotlight on the issue of police brutality.

Now, New York Police Department Sgt. Kizzy Adonis has been charged, and it is leaving the family, friends and supporters of Eric Garner with some hope that somehow justice might begin to enter the stage.

Adonis was one of the supervising officers who was at the scene of Garner’s death on Staten Island. The incident occurred, infamously, over an arrest on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes.

But Adonis was not part of the team out harassing Garner that day. Nevertheless, when she heard the radio call and realized she was close, she rerouted and showed up.

Adonis was charged with failure to supervise, which is an internal disciplinary sanction.

Still, Sgt. Ed Mullins, the head of her union, stood by her, calling the charge ridiculous and political.

“She didn’t have to go there — she chose to go there to help out and look what happens,” he stated. He claims that it was Commissioner William J. Bratton, not Adonis, who is to blame. “This incident stems from failed policies that ultimately led to the death of Eric Garner.”

Still today, no one has been charged criminally in the death of Garner.

The executing Officer Daniel Pantaleo, applied the hold and remains on desk duty.

A grand jury refused to indict him on criminal charges, even though the chokehold is banned under NYPD policy

Adonis had been promoted to sergeant shortly before Garner’s death. The department has 18 months to file internal charges against other officers involved in the killing. That makes the deadline this January 17th.

(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)


5 thoughts on “New York Police Sergeant Finally Charged In Death of Eric Garner

  1. There’s no need to charge cops with crimes just to appease an angry population. The economy is collapsing now, so it looks like the good people of Staten Island might finally get to carry out justice themselves. (we’re already aware of the corrupt courts being utterly useless in the justice process)

    Grab the cheek meat, and just rip her f&%king face right off her head, and then get the other pig bastard that did the actual choking.

    1. “Grab the cheek meat, and just rip her f&%king face right off her head,…”

      WOW!!! That’s pretty brutal, JR!

      I like it.

  2. NO WRONG DOING,.., BUT the supervisor failed to supervise properly and now she(yes SHE and not the HE that actually killed an American National) is going to be disciplined.

    IF HE did not do anything wrong, WHAT did SHE fail to supervise properly?

    I jest
    I couldn’t give a shit less. They all can catch CJL for all I care. scumbags.

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