New York State about to go full 1940’s Germany – Bills to be voted on January 6th for Gov to Imprision anyone she wants, forced vax for all!

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To be voted on January 5th 2022

The Following for the entire state of NY – NOT NY CITY ONLY  

The bill, A.416, is among a host of Covid restriction and vaccine mandate bills set to be voted on during the next legislative session starting on January 5th.

According to the bill’s text, A.416 would “allow the governor or the appropriate health official to order the removal and detention of any person afflicted with a communicable disease in the event that there is a state of health emergency declared by the governor in relation to such disease.”

“[A]ny person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegate shall be detained for as long as the department may direct,” subdivision 3 of the bill further states.

Also on the ballot for the majority dem state to pass is:

• A8378 would require students to receive Covid-19 vaccines prior to attending school.

• A279 would require healthcare providers to report vaccinations of adults aged 19 and over to the department of health or a regional “health information organization,” essentially instituting a statewide vaccine database.

• A2240, or S45, would require flu vaccines for children attending daycare.

• A8398 would eliminate religious exemptions for certain students and limit medical exemptions by local governments.

• A3192, or S3041, would allow children 14 and over to consent to vaccination, regardless of parental consent.

• A822, or S937, would allow children to be administered STD treatments without parental consent.

Additionally, New York State Assemblyman Patrick Burke (D-Buffalo) has proposed legislation that would allow insurance companies to deny Covid treatment coverage to unvaccinated people.

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14 thoughts on “New York State about to go full 1940’s Germany – Bills to be voted on January 6th for Gov to Imprision anyone she wants, forced vax for all!

  1. with as highly populated with Irish and Italian descendants I’m surprised they are getting this far with this tyranny

    NY , and you people , are a real disappointment

    1. Yeah, is the salt of the earth sinkin’ in the mud? Well, they might have all moved to New Jersey. Had to make way for those from India and other far-away lands.


    1. Mary in ND again, they got caught here in Canada with similar plans! The covid camps are a reality here as well! We had an Ontario MP go up to question and confront the government, reading from documents published at the gc website. I believe they tried dismissing him as a conspiracy theorist. Nonetheless, they got caught, and the Canadians who have been rising up, are alert and aware.

  2. Jew York is a f****ing Marxist cess pool of shit!
    They will get what they deserve.
    I see another Leninist / Stalinist gulag archipelago .

  3. I live here in NYC. Brooklyn to be exact. As I’m reading these replies I gotta say it’s funny. These measures are by no means unique to NY. Have we forgotten the ndaa? What I hear here reminds me of the people who talk shit about Australians not having guns and asking “how’s that working out for ya”. Well we have the biggest population of gun owners here and not a f-king shot rang out over this whole shit. Not even when it should’ve years, years ago. For some to say “they’ll get what they deserve”, who will? People who happen to live here who aren’t party to the bullshit? Who don’t vote or condone any of it? Who want to fight desperately but look around and see ALL those Irish and Italian “descendants” look away and cower as they glorify the troops and back the blue. I’m losing the job I’ve been at for almost 20 years because of this shit. I’m divorced and can’t just uproot my children. I have no one who will fight with me, and believe me I’ve tried. I put my face out there with the message to fight, just to see others turn away from me because of it and literally tell me “I’ll get in the fight when I can, but I won’t be frontline”. NY is a cesspool for sure. But the rest of this f-king commie usurped nation is not one bit different. If we allowed an inch, we allowed the whole f-king mile. It’s easy to say (THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE). It’s not so easy to look in the mirror and realize, it’s right there. Keep pretending they haven’t crossed every line we said we’d never let be crossed. And not one single f-king shot. While blm and antifa commie bastards burned down cities, murdered, looted, tore down monuments and raised statues of Lenin, we allowed it. While the commie terrorist corporation known as government literally wrote your freedom, property and rights away, we did nothing. While the police steal assets, money, kill and beat us, we did nothing. No, this is not unique to NY. And neither are the excuses. But it just may be, that a new Yorker, will fire the next shot heard round the world. Only time will tell. I won’t ask anyone where they’ll be. I’m sick and tired of that. But I will ask you to ask yourselves.

    1. Brother, I’ve been fighting this fight for more than half my life. I’ve had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and I’ve done time as a documented political prisoner, and you are absolutely f-king right in everything you have said here.
      It’s easy to sit back and criticize one man who can’t fight a hundred by himself while the others are standing as a thousand who won’t lift a f-king finger to help you, but oh they will criticize.
      “Why haven’t you fixed this thing in New York, Jamal, I mean you are the only one it’s affecting, right?”
      This war will progress just like it’s been progressing the last twenty years. A handful will be doing the fighting while the majority stand around and bitch because you are not dying for their rights fast enough. Some will say that they are behind you and when the melee begins, make no mistake, that’s right where they will be, behind you, running the other way, assholes and elbows.
      This should have been over with a long time ago, but too many Americans have become weakened in the mind and soul to the point that they are going to have to feel the lash and watch their children feel the pain before they can build up the balls to do something about it.
      Don’t let the criticism of someone who is not standing in the arena dampen your resolve. There are plenty who are ready to fight right now, it’s just that they are scattered over 390 million square miles and it is so much easier to criticize than to travel to the trouble.
      I will not be the first to stand up unless I am attacked. I made that promise to myself the last time I was the one who was there who didn’t have to be, and when lightening struck the shit house, I was the only one left there fighting.
      These chickenshits are going to fight or go in the f-king ditch, they just need a little more abuse that they can’t ignore. I guess that’s what the home of the brave means, I’ll fight when there is no other choice.
      Keep your spirits up and watch your six and have the best corporate boondoggle day you can, considering the outrageous situation you find yourself in.
      Your brother in arms,

      1. Beautifully broken down, Henry. And Jamal, my heart goes out to you. That certainly is a lion’s share to deal with for you and your children. I have ALWAYS perceived you as a man of honor and I have to believe that honor will guide to do the right thing and to know where and when.

        As I read your words I said to myself, “Many years Jamal has been in this place, expressing the anguish of wanting to set things right, but when and with whose help?” Brother, you are not alone in that conundrum. All I can say, is you will know the moment. That’s what I tell myself: You will know the moment, galen.

        In a few short minutes it will be winter. The cold intensifies but the light returns. Maybe it’s a another new beginning of sorts, where determination understands its time and place. Love you, brother, and glad you’re there.


  4. Jamal and Henry, when the mask mandates took effect here (Windsor, Ontario) 2 weeks to flatten the curve, etc., I tried to fight it by being the only one marching past the checkpoint to enter a store I once felt free to enter as I am. Of course, it was a brown person from India or maybe Pakistan, who told me I couldn’t enter without a mask which he handed to me. I took it, walked out to the trash bin at the door, slam dunked it as I cussed and cursed, marched right back in and cussed the guy, telling him I don’t comply with COMMUNISM! I looked on in horror being the only one of approximately 20 in the store, all muzzled up, still exercising my right to breathe freely. Although I didn’t ever take any physical beatings, when I fought them on social media, I took a lot of ridicule and abuse from people who refused to even look at the truth I was telling. I gave a lot of abuse back, as well, telling them they get their dinner from a slimy pig trough. An old crock full of 160 years of 100% Pasteurized virus theory bullshit boiling over with all the toxic trash that comes with it. Most of the friends I had for decades kicked me out of their lives. Still, most of the people, family and friends, with a few rare exceptions, one of whom passed away this summer, avoid me now. Everywhere I go, all I see are big, fat cattle, ripe and ready for the slaughter. They are all a bunch of maggot-faced cowards. (The way the masks move on their faces when they talk through them reminds me of maggots on a hot day, in a steaming pile of trash.) I am now to the point where I’m saying, “f**k ’em! Let them fall into the ditch. They get what they deserve. I fought hard over these past 2 years with nothing but grief. Now, I need to save my energy for the real battle. Shouldn’t this have all been over by now? Nope. I know better. I thought people had far more intelligence than I am seeing play out in the public domain, but obviously, their mammon is far more important than their freedom or the truth. I stand alone where I live. Thank God I have you guys here at the Trenches to help me to remain sane. Jamal, I have heard you call in, and I listen carefully. I feel ya.

    galen, Your words are always spot on. Perfectly said, every time. I know I will learn a lot from you. <3

    1. Diana, we’ll said, and I concur!
      My 1st thought was about the Irish/Italian descent. I just don’t know anymore. I feel that the majority are sheep, the many don’t want to be “inconvenienced” cuz it’ll mess with their vacation plans, a bunch are skeptical but scared to not comply. No matter which way you slice it, they’re all ready for slaughter.
      I have not been in this game as long. But my red white and blue has been instilled in me since I was a kid. God and country. Not bs excuse for a country we live in now.
      I’ve been saying for years that my grandparents are rolling in their graves.
      I am sad and disappointed and scared, trying not to be scared and upset, but it’s difficult for me. But I will fight for what is right, our God given freedoms. And I do pray that I can keep my shit together.
      I’m trying to help, where I can, without showing my hand, and without raising any flags. I’m no good to anyone if I’m being flagged. (Not that I’m not already). I just don’t feel the need to blatantly expose myself.
      Thank you Henry, thank you trenchers. I wish us all strength in every which way to overcome.

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