Nividia wants to turn police vehicles into 360 degree facial recognition platforms


Last week, COBAN Technologies (CT) and Digital Barriers (DB) announced that they are working together to install facial biometrics in police dash cams.

“Coban Technologies Inc., a leader in body-worn cameras and in-car video solutions for law enforcement, today announced that it is partnering with Digital Barriers to provide live facial recognition and live video streaming technology for the FOCUS H1 police dash cam system.”

CNN warns, that soon police will turn their vehicles into 360 degree mobile surveillance platforms…  

“CT’s technology is designed to work with up to six cameras, so police departments could choose to turn their vehicles into 360-degree cameras, making it easier to identify faces.

DB claims, their SmartVIS Face system is designed to work in real time. In other words, in the not too distant future police dash cams will be able to identify everyone..

image credit: Digital Barrier

CT boasts, that police in fifty countries are using their facial recognition cameras…

“It has been deployed successfully by law enforcement agencies in more than fifty countries around the world in other form factors and now will be available as an application on the FOCUS H1.” 

CT’s is already in use in hundreds of police departments across the country, from ‘evidence management software, body cameras, and interview room systems’. So, it is not hard to envision a future where every police vehicle is equipped with facial recognition cameras.

Last week, SafeFleet announced their acquisition of CT, making them the largest global provider of video solutions to the fleet market.

Both CT and DB are using the old standby, ‘public safety’ to justify turning police vehicles into mobile facial recognition platforms.

“CT is pleased to be able to include these industry-leading capabilities with the FOCUS H1 to amplify officer awareness and increase public safety. The combination provides law enforcement with critical capabilities in police vehicles…We are very excited that DB is a part of the COBAN FOCUS Partner Program.”

This is how CT’s press release should read…

CT and DB are pleased to profit from police facial recognition dash cameras. The combination of CT and DB amplify officer surveillance capabilities at the expense of everyone’s privacy. We are very excited that DHS run law enforcement will be purchasing our facial recognition dash cameras.

Don’t be fooled, facial recognition cameras are not about public safety. They are much worse than you can imagine.

CT and Nividia are creating a worldwide surveillance network 

Last week, CT and Nividia unveiled their new facial recognition dash cam at the 124th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Exposition in Philadelphia.

According to CT, their new in-car video system will be supported by a variety of (spying) applications capable of vehicle and object identification, special monitoring and behavioral analysis.

CT is working with Nividia to create a huge surveillance state.

Nividia has created a one-stop shopping surveillance network called ‘Metropolis Software Partners’ where law enforcement and countries from around the world can create their own surveillance networks.

Nividia’s dash cams will also be used to create watch lists.

Facial recognition cameras used to create national watch lists

According to DB, police facial recognition dash cameras will be used to create national watch lists.

“A live video stream and forensic footage is monitored for persons of interest with alerts generated when a likely match comes into view.”

Imagine in the not too distant future, you and your family are driving down the road and you see an oncoming police car that instantly identifies you and your passengers without a warrant.

CNN warns, ‘police could potentially track the location of every citizen, even if they’re not suspected of wrongdoing’.

Law enforcement is also using dash cams and body cams to create a huge video database of everyone.

According to CNN, the Los Angeles Police Department has over 3.3 million videos filmed from in-car cameras, and 2.5 million videos from body cameras.

This is only one police department’s database, imagine how many many videos 18,000 police agencies have collected!

Its not just private corporations and police we have to worry about. Last week I warned everyone that FaceFirst and the NHL are creating their own private watch lists.

“FaceFirst’s CEO, Peter Trepp, said his company is creating its own “watch list,” using data obtained from a number of local U.S. and European police forces and agencies such as Interpol.”

DHS and law enforcement use Pay-By-Plate and license plate readers to create their own watch lists. Combine that with Bluetooth readers, Smart billboardsSmartNode street lights, digital drivers licenses and the picture could not be clearer.

DHS and law enforcement are using numerous ‘smart devices’ to create a giant national surveillance network.

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