North Korea Wants Pro Wrestlers From U.S. For Summer Tournament

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PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — The wild world of professional wrestling is heading to North Korea.

The authoritarian nation locked in a long standoff with its neighbors and the United States over its nuclear bomb ambitions announced plans Monday for an international pro-wrestling match in the capital, Pyongyang, in late August.  

“World renowned pro-wrestlers” from Japan, the U.S. and other countries will take part, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency said in a dispatch. It provided few other details.

A former professional wrestler turned Japanese lawmaker, Kanji Inoki, will head the organizing committee along with the chair of North Korea’s International Martial Arts Games Committee, the dispatch said.

Inoki, perhaps best known in the United States for his exhibition bout with boxer Muhammad Ali in the 1970s, is a regular visitor to North Korea and organized another pro-wrestling event in Pyongyang in 1995.

Despite the recent high-profile arrests and detentions of foreign tourists, impoverished North Korea is keen to earn cash revenue by boosting tourism. It has highlighted group tours to major arts performances or attractions the country wants to show off.

North Korea has announced plans to create special trade and tourism zones. It has also unveiled its first luxury ski resort, aimed largely at luring ski enthusiasts from abroad.

Earlier this year it allowed foreign amateur runners to compete for the first time in the annual Pyongyang marathon.

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  1. 이봐, 우리는 여기에 몇 가지 큰 성교 지방 사람을 가지고 – 당신의 반바지 씨름 -이 가짜 니 고등학교 물건이 아닙니다 – 진짜!

    1. Hey, you do realize that I have to translate everything that comes in here because I have to know what it says. … Not that I was busy or anything.

      1. Oh, man – Sorry ’bout that, Henry – I didn’t realize you were having to read all this stuff – I forgot to take my anti-sarcastic medicine this morning and my mind has a tendency to wander.
        and Digger, in proper Korean; it translates: “Hey, we’re here to have some big sex fat people – your shorts wrestling – not fake your high school stuff – really!”
        [in Colloquial Eng.] = We’ve got some big F’ing guys that’ll wrestle your shorts off – this ain’t highschool stuff!

        1. Haha STFB, I went to google translate and it did translate exactly as you posted. I was a bit baffled by it until you gave us the western slang version. LOL I guess I’m a bit slow.

          All that confusion aside. I totally agree. 🙂

      1. My dear, katie – how nice of you, to agree – I didn’t see your comment when back in, or I would have had trouble consentrating on my suspect apologetic answering to Dig and Henry – and I was so proud that I spelled colloquial, correctly.

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