Nothing like conditioning the kids….

Sent to us by a reader.

This picture was taken on an end-cap at a larger St. Louis based grocery store. I have 2 small boys and glance at it when there to see if there is anything that I think that they might like.

Today these were on display…I have never seen them there before.

They even say “Civilian Transporter” on the sides of the bed, and tailgate.  

I am far from paranoid, but I am in-tune and watching….but this is waaaay over the top. I can see firefighter and police themed toys, as I had as a kid….but UN Civilian Transporter Hummers?

I almost bought all of them to throw in the trash on the way out.


2 thoughts on “Nothing like conditioning the kids….

  1. I’d turn them upside down on display, scratch them or “accidentally” break them or throw them away in a nearby trash can in the grocery store.

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