NYPD deploys commando equipped police at indoor and outdoor venues


And so it begins, my worst fears have been realized.

Militarized US police have begun patrolling indoor and outdoor events.

Yesterday, an article in CBS New York warned that the NYPD plans to have commando equipped police or their Strategic Response Group (SRG) patrolling indoor and outdoor events.  

“The NYPD will be rolling out additional security around Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center as the holidays approach.”

“Similar patrols are expected next year at Yankee Stadium, MCU Park, Citi Field and other summer or outdoor venues.”

How did the mass media justify putting commando style police at public events?

They claim that SRG’s presence at arenas is sure to make visitors

“feel protected and feel more comfortable.”Putting commando style police at public events will not make people feel more comfortable.

What they are really trying to do, is normalize their presence at public events.

Why would I say that?

Because, crime is at record lows across the country and especially in New York City.

“Crime remains close to record lows, in the nation as a whole and in our city centers” said Ames Grawert, of the Brennan Center’s Justice Program.

So if violent crime is at record lows why do police need SRG’s?

Cops with machine guns intimidate protesters 

A 2015, New York Times article revealed the real reason Commissioner William Bratton created the NYPD’s private armySRG.

“The creation of a heavily armed unit to patrol areas of the city and respond to large-scale events, such as protests or terrorist attacks.”

It doesn’t get much plainer than that, law enforcement uses commando style cops to intimidate protesters.

‘The new unit would be equipped with heavy protective gear and machine guns and receive advanced training in counterterrorism tactics and “advanced disorder control,” he said.’

Communities United for Police Reform warned, ‘a militarized police force will use counterterrorism tactics against protesters.’

As you can see, the mass media is great at hiding the truth and even better at justifying militarized police.


One thought on “NYPD deploys commando equipped police at indoor and outdoor venues

  1. By design.

    The race war Øbama worked so to develop never fully materialized, never going hot. Enter The “ever evil gun violence” scenario. Must give the cops military gear, armor for the jack booted thugs and their vehicles. Machine guns and so on.

    For the citizenry, the oppression and servitude continues.

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