Obama Does A Reverse Quenelle. Says Up Yours To The 99%.

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Barack Hussein Obama, the Teleprompter Reader in Chief, has stepped into the controversy over La Quenelle. Jewish leaders in Europe have claimed that the La Quenelle gesture made popular by the French comedian Dieudonne is a reverse Nazi salute. It is not. It originated in the satirical movie Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb which was written and  directed by a Jew and starred the late Jewish comedian Peter Sellers. (The video below shows how to make a Quenelle gesture.)

La Quenelle is in the American vernacular a vigorous Up Yours to the Jewish 1%. Her Majesty’s Jewish Government has banned the comedian who popularized it from entering the United Kingdom.  All wealth in Europe and America is being systematically transferred by the banks and the governments  from the 99.9% to the billionaires. These subsidies to the banks and to corporations benefit Jews and hurt Gentiles.  

Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve and the shenanigans of the Bank of England, The International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank raises the value of the fraudulent assets owned by Bankers. At one point the Federal Reserve loaned 7 trillion dollars at 0.01% interest to a select group of bankers. Increasing the money supply by loaning trillions of dollars to the friends of Ben Bernanke enriches his friends but raises prices which cuts Gentile wages and pensions.

Austerity cuts to Gentile workers and pensioners harms us and benefits the Uber Rich. The British National Health Service withholds food and water to kill 130,000 Gentile patients a year. This save the NHS money but also cuts pensions. Cutting pensions is good for corporations but bad for those of us who work. A Swiss study at the Federal Institute of Technology found that 147 corporations controlled 20% of world trade. These 147 companies owned each other’s stock and shared board of director members.

The people of Europe have had enough of the Bankers and responded with Up Yours which the Jewish leadership has falsely claimed is anti-Semitism. It is not anti-Semitic to resist the theft of tens of trillions of dollars.

It is not anti-Semitic to oppose the Pentagon’s inability to trace 8.5 trillion dollars in spending since 1996.  It is not anti-Semitic to say it was wrong for Housing and Urban Development to fraudulently loan out 20 million dollars on vacant lots on just one square block in San Diego. It is not anti-Semitic to think it is wrong for armed Jewish soldiers to shoot and kill children in front of their unarmed parents who were holding white flags of surrender. Jewish leaders denounce those of us with sufficient integrity and courage to condemn Evil when we see it.

Obama has entered the controversy over La Quenelle by giving a robust Up Yours to the 99%. He will sign a new Farm bill that will for the second time in four months cut Food Stamps. This is at a time when John Williams at Shadow States says prices are rising 9% a year and real wages have declined over the past decade. 40% of American workers make less than someone working for the minimum wage in 1968.

But an even worse Up Yours to the 99% was the appointment of Blythe Masters to the global markets advisory committee of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Blythe Masters is a billionaire. She invented Credit Default Swaps (CDS). CDS are faux insurance. They are bets on the value of assets owned by billionaires. There are over a quadrillion dollars in these ‘bets’. US taxpayers through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation are liable up to 225 trillion dollars in losses if these wagers turn bad which they will. Most of these’ bets’ are against interest rates rising or against Greek or Spanish bonds defaulting.

By buying a CDS on their worthless mortgages, brokers were able to raise the Moodys credit rating on junk bonds to AAA enabling them to sell trillions of dollar in fraudulent subprime mortgages to pension funds. Now you understand why Bankers want to use Obamacare and the NHS to kill pensioners. If the Gentiles were allowed to live, they would expose the theft of all that pension money by the banks.

There were two schemes to raise utility prices after ENRON went bankrupt on December 2, 2001. One was from J P Morgan, the bank with about $25 billion in legal fees, expenses and settlement charges. Blythe Masters is currently Morgan’s head of Global Commodities. She helped to spike the price of food by buying half of Brazil’s corn crop. She also bought up older power plants for J P Morgan which she used to game the system as ENRON had done to boost power costs to consumers. Masters is the woman selected to advise the CFTC. Apparently, there is no limit to the advice this administration is willing to accept from Wall Street criminals.

A Zero Hedge reader said,

In other words, you too can get a job at the CFTC if only you can answer yes to the following two questions:

Has your bank manipulated energy markets under your watch, and

Have you been found guilty of commodity price manipulation?

The other scheme to raise utility costs came from the American Teleprompter Reader Barack Obama. He had the Environmental Protection Agency rule that carbon dioxide was a pollutant. He then had the EPA shut down billion dollar coal plants with modern high tech scrubbers that emitted no pollution. Natural gas prices are down because the Teleprompter Reader has allowed rampant fracking which pumps acids and other dangerous pollutants underground. This poisons our drinking water. There are Americans living near fracking operations who can literally set their tap water on fire. Yet despite lower natural gas prices, American utility bills are 30% higher today than three years ago. Our utility prices are high but I must admit that prices seem to be even higher in Great Britain. I do not live there so I cannot say why but I assume the European Union which I have called Rothschild Land is why things are so bad over there.

What Obama did was use his ability to levy fines and taxes on electrical generators to shut them down. He allowed the really dirty older polluting plants to remain online if they were owned by J P Morgan and Blythe Masters or were managed by General Electric. GE’s Chairman Jeff Immelt is a major Obama fundraiser.  The use of a tax never approved by the Congress to shut down competitors to J P Morgan and General Electric would seem to be unconstitutional.

But it is a definite Up Yours to the 99%. It is Obama’s answer to La Quenelle. It is true that Blythe Masters had to turn down her appointment because she stirred up a lot of anger.

911 was a Huge La Quenelle from Israel and the Jews of America to the entire world. Israel and the Banker Occupied Government of the United States did 911 and used it to justify the War On Terror which kills non-whites by the millions and steals dollars by the tens of trillions.

Attacking America on 911 was not smart. Some would say it was suicidal. If you study Israel and Jewish history as I have, you would know that Israel killed President Kennedy. And the Rothschild owned Bank of England  loaned Hitler £350 million in 1935 and 1936 to rearm Germany. The Rothschilds loaned Hitler the money so His Majesty’s Jewish Government could start World War II and kill 58 million Gentiles.

It is the Game Plan of the Jewish leaders to do horrendous things to Gentiles in every generation.  The Jews must be placed in great danger so they will never forget they are Jews. That is the only real plan of the Jews. Judaism Incorporated is a dictatorship. Only wealthy men are allowed to vote and only then if they have taken a sanity test and failed. Jewish women are rarely if ever allowed to vote on important matters.

I once wrote an essay on the predicament of assimilated Jews. I asked if they will be willing to stand between food and a hundred million starving Gentiles saying, ‘You are a dirty, filthy anti-Semite if you want your children to eat.’ That is what their leaders want this present generation of Jews to do as soon as the dollar, the pound and the euro crash.

You can read that essay ‘Conversations With Young Assimilated Jewish People’ below. However, since it was originally published, the American unemployment rate has risen to 37.2%. That is according to one analyst.


If you would like to verify the fact that the Jewish religion teaches that it is permissible to rob Gentiles please consider this:

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My goal is to educate the Jews and the Gentiles of the world about the true nature of Judaism. Everyone should laugh when they are told lies about either 911 or the Holohoax. Please consider this:

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One thought on “Obama Does A Reverse Quenelle. Says Up Yours To The 99%.

  1. Articles, papers and a book absolutely necessary to read:

    – Firstly: “1976 interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal, then personal assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits”. Mr. Rosenthals demise was ultimately arranged for giving this arrogant but truthful interview.

    – Secondly: “The Jewish Question in Europe”, La Civilta Cattolica, 1880, (Oct, Nov. Dec.” Absolutely amazing article and warning with a detailed expose of the Jewish control of goverments, society, media, money’s etc. Must read.

    – Thirdly: “The Plot Against the Church” – a book published in 1962 by twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, with the cooperation of several Cardinals, under the pen name “Maurice Pinay”; available from OMNI Christian Books of California for a mere $20. While studying documents and papers in the Vatican Archives in their original languages these priests discovered the largest conspiracy in history still ongoing towards its mission of a One World Satanic Judeo-Freemasonic Dictatorship. Also is contained the Jewish formation of Freemasonry, the infiltration by “Marranos” faked converts to mostly Christianity and Catholicism but also to other faiths and religions in order to prepare each for their NWO. These Marranos have become Catholic priest, Bishops, Cardinals and possibly a few recent Popes, Protestant Ministers, Pagan Priests, “Muslim Clerics” (The Royal Saud Family of Saudi Arabia were all Jewish “converts” to Islam in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This book explains the entire mission, methods, plans, and organizations of Jewish attempts to establish a world that would be slaves at their feet – a must must read. When the Vatican discovered the subject and content of this book they attempted to stop its publication but were too late as it had already been published and was hitting the bookshelves in Italy and then the rest of Europe. Only one of the authors has ever been identified by the Vatican, a Spanish Theologian who then retired to Spain and refuses to say the New (Jewish) Catholic Mass.

    All the above are available online but I would recommend that The Plot Against the Church be read in hand.

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