Obama Finally Has Become The Tyrant He Always Wanted To Be

Barack Obama The TyrantMilitia News – by Dan Smith

What do you call a political leader that refuses to heed the will of the people, refuses to obey the law, and openly punishes the nation’s citizens when he doesn’t get his way? The only word I can think of is “TYRANT”

Indifferent to a 37% approval rating in the latest polls Obama continues to punish, in any way he can, the American people for not allowing him to force a political and economic model on this country that is overwhelmingly unpopular.  

The majority of the people oppose Obamacare and wish to see it appealed or at least delayed. Polls show that the American people, by an average of two to one, feel that the Debt Ceiling should not be raised without significant cuts to spending. Why, in the face of these facts, would Obama, Reid and Pelosi shut down the government and refuse to even talk to the Representatives of the People?

Remember the roll of the Congress and Executive Branch. The House of Representatives is the people’s voice in government. The Senate is the individual states’ voice and the executive is the enforcement arm of government. (We could discuss the failings of the Senate since the passing of the 17th Amendment, but that is a discussion for another day.)

Despite an unpopular position in the polls, Obama refuses to meet with the People’s Representatives and instead chooses to punish the American People in every way he can possibly devise to force capitulation. He wants to realign the distribution of powers defined in the Constitution and is prepared to use coercion to accomplish this goal.

We have seen it time and time again, from Fast and Furious, where he and Holder ran guns to the drug cartels to undermine the Second Amendment, to the disenfranchisement of conservative organizations by the IRS in order to sway elections. He will use any means available to him to further his agenda which is the complete restructuring of the American system of government.

We should not be punished for expressing support for our elected officials, who in turn stand for our beliefs in the Congress. Should he continue to deprive us of services and access that we have paid for solely as a reprisal for thwarting his will, we will have little recourse but to demand, by any means available to us, the restoration of these rights. This is no longer about government spending. It is now about the relevancy of the People’s Representatives in opposition to tyranny.

Written by Dan Smith.


6 thoughts on “Obama Finally Has Become The Tyrant He Always Wanted To Be

  1. There was a story out a week ago Obama has had people rewrite the Constitution and it is 2,000 pages. If true it is the total over throw of the Country

  2. The 37% approval rating must have been thrown into the article for comic relief or something. I’d be surprised if an honest poll gave him 3%.

    1. lol Yea I know. I was thinking that same thing. Where the hell are they getting 37%? Especially when Congress alone is only 8-10%. It’s like the polls are saying that Obama is more popular than Congress? What a joke.

  3. There are a lot of brain dead people out there. Just look outside, sit and watch them for a while. Zombie land.
    But my question is what representatives? None of them even come close to representing me and never have.

  4. “He will use any means available to him to further his agenda which is the complete restructuring of the American system of government.”

    Not restructuring.

    The complete destruction would be more accurate.

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