O’Keefe Brings Attention to Open Northern US Border

Breitbart – by Marie Proctor

HOUSTON, Texas — Journalist James O’Keefe’s latest video brings attention to the lack of security along the U.S. border with Canada and the ability of terrorists to enter the U.S. by boat.

O’Keefe explains that Security experts say the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq has significantly increased the risk of an attack in the United States. O’Keefe explores the questions, “If an ISIS terrorist could get to Canada, could he hire a boat, could he bring poison or even the Ebola virus? Could he get across Lake Erie and into the United States … and could he do it without getting caught?”  

O’Keefe had previously done a similar experiment last month, where he revisited the sitesalong the U.S.-Mexico border that Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby had exposed a year earlier. In that instance, O’Keefe crossed the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the United States while wearing an Osama bin Laden mask.

Soon after, Breitbart Texas revealed leaked documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) unveiling the true threat of ISIS crossing into the US from the open Mexico border.

O’Keefe explains these events called into question, “How safe is the Canadian border?”

O’Keefe started on the Southern shore of Lake Erie, in the Cleveland metropolitan area is only about 45 miles from Canada and had someone pose as an ISIS terrorist entering the US from a boat on Lake Erie 10-15 miles off the US coast. The “terrorist” then walked off the boat and into Cleveland, Ohio and into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame building.

O’Keefe introduced Captain Bob Swinny, and asked how often, if ever, the Captain saw Border Patrol out on Lake Erie, He responded with a quick, “No, I have never seen Border Patrol out here.”


When asked by O’Keefe about immigration laws for traveling from Canada to the U.S.,

Captain Swinny replied that it is basically an “honor system”. The notion was confirmed after checking the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website. O’Keefe found that essentially, U.S. authorities expect people traveling over Lake Erie to check themselves in.


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3 thoughts on “O’Keefe Brings Attention to Open Northern US Border

  1. The only reason that they care about the northern border is a white man might actually sneak across if their not careful.

  2. And yet they will stop buses of elderly people coming back from Canada to make sure they aren’t bringing discount prescription meds with them. Only in America!

  3. Border Patrol on Lake Erie?

    BAHAHAHAAHA!!! When I had lived in Buffalo, NY for most of my life growing up, I have NEVER seen any border patrol in Lake Erie, at the Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Lewiston-Queenston Bridge or even in Lake Ontrario. The mere thought of it back then was absurd! Canada was basically just another part of New York or the U.S. The only thing they had were custom agents at the bridges. That’s it.

    Hell, you could go across the bridge with a simple verbal declaration. No driver’s license and no passport needed. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful!

    No one even thought of a terrorist or anything of that sort crossing the bridges or entering either country. The only stories we had were the local news reporting on people drowning in the winter time while trying to cross Lake Erie on a sheet of ice or in the summer time of a person trying to swim across the lake to the other side for fun and no one was brainwashed into thinking, “Oh my god, he might be a terrorist crossing. QUICK CALL THE POLICE!”.

    Now, thanks to the NWO, that luxury is completely gone and DHS, paramilitary and the police state have setup some booths and have taken over the bridges. This article and the whole “talking about it” here is just another way of them using the media (MSM or alternative) to further implement their police state by creating a problem so that they can cause a reaction in order to get the people to resort to their solution of installing more paramilitary measures and trying to fund an unnecessary border patrol at the Northern border to take control of us even more. It’s that simple.

    Why don’t we be like North Korea now and setup a Demilitarized Zone with land mines and concertina wire while we are at it?

    It’s truly sad at what our country has become and how people have been so brainwashed by the government and MSM propaganda.

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