On Labor Day

“Since the days of Karl Marx and his ‘workers of the world unite’ shtick, the ‘anti-capitalist’ Reds have always manipulated the passions of the working man as a means to destabilize the system and redirect power and wealth towards a super-centralized state. That state, of course, is then financed and controlled by the very same big banker ‘capitalists’ that secretly control the ‘anti-capitalist’ Reds! The big joke on Joe Hardhat, who may very well have legitimate grievances and honest concerns about his work conditions, is that neither the Red union bosses nor their secret capitalist bosses give a rat’s ass about him. Once the national economy is consolidated into the hands of the New World Order big money boys, ‘the working man’- who had so faithfully and often violently fought for ‘change’ – gets tossed aside like a used up lemon. Whatever good that his union may have done for him and his family was only a necessary side-effect, never the main objective.”
— Mike King, Labor Day is a Communist Holiday

4 thoughts on “On Labor Day

  1. It’s bittersweet, when our beloved holidays from childhood come to light as contrived mechanisms of control.

    With knowing —- Something gained is often something lost.


    1. That’s not the worst of it. For most “Labor Days” it is May 1 that is celebrated–May 1, BTW, is the final day of a 13 day festival of Satanic holidays, including Beltane and Walpurgis Night.These Satanic holidays begin on April 19. The same April 19 as the murders of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Okie City. And in the midst of this was April 27, 1997, when the Republic of Texas standoff began. I just love it when Communists expose themselves as Satanists, at the behest of their fellow Satanists, the banksters and oppressors run by the Synagogue of Satan and its “holy” book, the Talmud. I don’t know why the US chose the first Monday of September as “Labor Day,” but I’m sure there is something secretly evil about the first Monday of September as well–or just more deception by the US branch of Communism.

      1. Thanks, DL, and lost in the shuffle, all the good, decent, capable workers who turn the wheels of life and make it work for all of us. Laborers!! My father and grandfather. My ancestors, from generations back. Strong hands, strong backs, willing hearts. And there was just compensation, not slave wages. When our Bill of Rights is again fully the law of the land, we will have real celebrations honoring those who give so much. I just remembered this from last year; some good comments on Labor Day:



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