One of the most powerful guns you can buy

Published on Feb 10, 2014 by CNNMoney

Ronnie Barrett invented the .50 caliber Barrett M82 over 30 years ago. Today the M107A1 is legal in most states and still used by the military, law enforcement and civilians with a fat wallet.

One thought on “One of the most powerful guns you can buy

  1. The “fat wallet” requirement knocks me out of the running, but I watched the video anyway, and it looks like CNN only did this piece to convince Americans that this is a military weapon that civilians shouldn’t own.

    “The suppressor comes with it… keeps the gun silent so no one can tell where the sniper is”
    “It’s not needed for soft targets”
    “sand-bagged, or light armor penetration”
    “more of an equipment type of gun.. used against radar installations”
    “hard-target interdictions”
    “legal within the operations of war”

    It took some work on the part of the editors to pack all of those (and more) “anti-civilian-ownership” comments into three minutes.

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