Open letter to Sheriff Akin of Wise County From Adam Kokesh

Published on Jan 24, 2018

This is an open letter to Sheriff Akin of Wise County, January 24th 2018.

Sheriff Akin my name is Adam Kokesh. On January 16th 2018, I announced that I am running for President of the United States as a Libertarian on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, responsible dissolution of the US federal Government.

On that same day I was falsely arrested in your county by Texas state trooper Garcia. That is why I am currently enjoying a government induced, tax payer funded, spiritual retreat at the Wise County Jail. I would tell you more about the incident; the charges, the circumstances, and the full name of the arresting officer. But although I have been locked up for more than a week and despite my repeated demands, I have yet to receive a single piece of paper from the government regarding the incident of my unjust imprisonment. As the county sheriff you have the ability to set things right in this case. I intend to help you. I will make it as easy as possible to achieve justice so long as you cooperate with me in good faith and honor your oath to the constitution; similar to the one I took when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I swore to defend it against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

Sheriff’s Office: (940) 627-5971 Read the rest of the letter here:…

7 thoughts on “Open letter to Sheriff Akin of Wise County From Adam Kokesh

  1. I called. Two people answered then gave me his voicemail.I ask him to call me back. Advised it is a felony to violate this persons 5th amendment due process rights.

  2. I used to live in Wise County. It has always had a reputation for official corruption. I was once assaulted and arrested over a class C misdemeanor that had a maximum fine of $50, and stipulated no jail time … that I didn’t even commit. The judges threw it out and I sued successfully for damages. I avoid the place if I can.

  3. Hmmm… Kokesh resurfacing. Can’t remember all the details from a few years back when there was an “expose Kosesh” outbreak. But I seem to recall 9/11 gatekeeping, and some false opposition accusations re an open carry march he organized. Maybe his current plight is authentic, but me no trust Adam.


    1. Agreed, 100%. His choice of company and heroes makes him more than suspect, he is complicit and willful in his gatekeeping and controlled opposition role. He’s a statist who also believes that being a goon for the mic means he somehow “defended” our 2A Rights.

  4. Hey…Jolly…

    I think we have some stiff competition in our campaign efforts in the next election.

    So I gotta get a meme or campaign slogan out.

    Let’s see…uh…

    “Making America Jolly Again”.
    “A Clear Vision For America in 20/20”.

    Sherift Achings made a press release concerning Mr. Kokesh’s statements.

    This is all a misunderstanding of Jurisdiction. .

    Mr. Kokesh was in the wrong county.

    He was actually in…

    Drum roll pulleeeez….

    “UN-Wise”… County.


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