O’Reilly Doubles Down on Obama Is a ‘Patriot’ Claim, Says Nixon a Patriot as Well


On Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC show earlier this week, “The O’Reilly Factor” anchor Bill O’Reilly called President Barack Obama a “patriot.” On his show on Thursday night, O’Reilly reiterated that sentiment, calling “almost every president” in the country’s history “a patriot.”

“I said on Kimmel that both President Bush the younger and Barack Obama are patriots because they served their country,” O’Reilly said. “You may not agree with them, alright? But I don’t think you say they’re not patriots unless you have, you know, evidence that is just through the roof. I think almost every president that’s ever served this nation has been a patriot, including Richard Nixon.”  


6 thoughts on “O’Reilly Doubles Down on Obama Is a ‘Patriot’ Claim, Says Nixon a Patriot as Well

  1. This guy is a closet, “Popularist Progressive”
    Who acts like he cares about others, but in
    reality, he’s pushing the agenda of the elitists.
    Small spoonfuls at a time.
    Older folks like him because he displays a
    decorum of manners while at the same time
    trying to appear fair.
    Another trick he uses in garnering the older
    folks trust …is his trivia games.
    Most people who watch him probably
    view Jeopardy.

  2. Never like him, always thought that he was a shill. He just proved it. He is a sell out, along with the Fox network and all the others.

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