Organized Jewry is Essentially Organized Theft

Henry Makow

As an ethnic Jew, it pains me to say that the essence of Cabalist Judaism & Organized Jewry is to plunder, enslave & exterminate the goyim and to establish a Satanic dispensation on earth. 

Look at the planks of the Communist Manifesto.   Do they remind you of Agenda 2030?
No private property. The state will own it all- the state being a proxy for the Jewish central bankers who hold its “debt.”.  No marriage. No family. No free speech. No free inquiry and education. They want to steal everything, especially your soul. We cannot understand our situation unless we understand this.
Plunder the goyim. Jewish central bank charging interest for credit created out of nothing. Credit crunches and pandemic hoaxes costing trillions in money creation and toxic vaccines. Gratuitous wars.
This is what they are doing in Ukraine and what Putin wants to prevent in Russia.
The Ukraine conflict is the biggest challenge to the New World Order since Hitler.
Hitler was false opposition. Hopefully this is not also true of Putin.
Most Jews are dupes and would deny this, just as most goyim would deny that their “leaders” in every field are cowards, traitors & opportunists who advance this cancer for personal gain. After destroying millions of lives with their covid hoax, they’re covering their tracks by starting their third World War.
 This BIG PICTURE is required to understand the little picture. Our corrupt ancestors gave control of the banking system, the bloodstream of society, to these psychopaths. They were given our national credit cards which they have maxed out for their personal gain by instigating phoney wars and pandemics.
1869 Book — Russian Jews Felt Entitled to Goy Property
In pre-revolutionary Russia, Jews followed the Talmudic prescription that Gentile property is a “free-for-all”  for Jews who, for a fee, are pre-authorized by the town council (“The Kahal”) to finagle it. 
“The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, 
and everybody [every Jew] who seizes it, has acquired it.” – Babylonian Talmud, IV/3/54b
“Our goal is to gradually absorb the wealth of the world.” – Cecil Rhodes, a Freemason.
Communism was/is simply a mask for the confiscation of Gentile wealth. The same applies to Zionism, a mask for the theft of Palestinian property. 
Disclaimer: Why do I, a Jew, spread this information?  Because this is not who I am, nor who my family or Jews I know are. I am the inventor of Scruples, a game based on 1200 moral dilemmas. God is the Moral Order. All human beings have souls capable of hearing the voice of God. Our Duty is to discern Right & Wrong and to Obey. You must be good to feel good.
However, the Masonic Jewish bankers and their Gentile Masonic flunkies are trying to dispossess humanity. It begins by degrading morality and inverting truth and ends in some planetary gulag or nuclear conflagration. I could remain quiet but we were put on earth to serve God. A 1869 book shows that dispossessing Gentiles has always been the agenda of Organized Jewry.
Slightly updated from March 2, 2022

By Henry Makow PhD

In 1869, Jacob Brafman,  a Jewish convert to Christianity published a book in Russian about the Jewish communal organization, “The Kahal” which suggests that Organized Jewry conspired against the Gentile population.

Luckily, in Nov. 1881, Mme. Z.A. Ragozin published a thorough account of it in “The Century Magazine” ( Vol. 23 Issue I) under the title  “Russian Jews and Gentiles (From a Russian Point of View.)”  (This remarkable essay is online.)

Ragozin was a scholar of ancient Near Eastern history who, in the 1880’s, published a half dozen books on the Chaldeans, Persians, Assyrians etc.


Brafman’s book was based on a thousand internal documents of the Kahal. Its most startling revelation:

The Kahal followed the Talmudic prescription that Gentile property is a “free-for-all” for Jews who, for a fee, are pre-authorized by the town council (“The Kahal”) to finagle it. Obviously a source of anti-Semitism, this may explain the true predatory nature of Communism (and the New World Order)  behind the idealistic-sounding window dressing.

For example, Brafman, whom Jewish historians refer to “an informer,”  explains Jew “X” buys the rights to Gentile “Y”‘s house.
“He has acquired ‘khazaka’ i.e right of ownership over the house of gentile “Y,” in force thereof he is given the exclusive right, guaranteed from interference or competition from other Jews, to get possession of the said house…’by any means whatever.’  

The rest is here:

5 thoughts on “Organized Jewry is Essentially Organized Theft

  1. Because of a few things I viewed differently, I hesitated to send in this article, but there was just too much good info, so I sent it in. Makow looks through his own lens and his own spirituality in terms of the “6 million” story, and in terms of events today. In considering Putin’s part in all of it, he’s both exposed Putin’s connections to Chabad and also painted him as a possible good guy. As a Jew, Makow exposes the assault by Jews against non-Jews. He details it all with history, and often in their very own words. So I put aside what I view differently and extract that which puts me on red alert as to who my enemy is. It’s how I have to read or listen to anybody. As they say, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” Also reminds me of that old 12-Step saying: “Take what you can use and leave the rest.” One could add to that, “And be sure to note what you think is off the mark.” Ha!! More simply put: SCRUTINIZE!! Thus, this qualification.


  2. Ethnic joo?
    I thought that was a religion. How can one be ethnic to a religious belief?

    Just like the rest of the joos, this one talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    1. Some say it’s the seed line
      Some say whichever of the two is more convenient
      Maybe it’s a bit of both
      One thing for sure
      They’re in need of eviction
      From the planet
      Along with their schmedriks

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