Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah are considering legislation to put an end to the anchor baby boom.  If any illegal pregnant woman can make it across our border before she gives birth that child is granted automatic citizenship.  The theory being that the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to anyone born here.  Right or wrong aside, the 14th Amendment was passed to grant citizenship to the children of African slaves who had been living in this country for generations and were brought here against their will.  And that was the right thing to do.

The so called anchor babies fall under international law, which asserts any person born abroad retains the citizenship of his or her parents.  I believe the Democrats are so desperate to keep Obama in office that they are willing to give to the illegals anything they want for their votes.  Even if the things they are giving away are not theirs to give.
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World population is growing by about 80 million people per year.  We are now at 7 billion and counting.  The U.N. estimates that we may reach 9 billion by 2045.  At present there are 1 billion people in the world without enough food to eat.  The situation is not being described as one in lacking space it is rather being described as a situation involving our ability to produce enough food to feed everyone.

Some experts are citing global warming and CO2 emmissions as the largest barrier to producing sufficient levels of food to support the population, which I do not quite understand.  I have in fact conducted experiments in an effort to explore the hypothesis.
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It is being predicted that gas prices will be climbing to $4 to $5 per gallon in the next year.  Though the mainstream propagandists are trying to belittle the situation the fact is this is going to cause drastic affects on our economy.  If gas goes to $5 per gallon, diesel fuel will go to $8.  If there are any smaller trucking companies that survived $5 per gallon diesel two years ago, they will be put out of business this time.  And this is a good thing if you happen to be one of the big trucking corporations as the hike will further eliminate their competition.  Once the smaller companies are out of the way the monopolized trucking industry will be able to set the going rate for ground shipping.

Beef, poultry, and milk have all seen dramatic price increases in the past year.  If the diesel fuel goes to even $6 per gallon we are going to see large increases in literally every consumable commodity we purchase.  And at the same time the speculators are driving up the price of oil and everything else with it they are calling for not only reductions of the minimum wage but wage reductions across the board.
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The new Congress will be convening on the 5th and the false Tea Partiers will be raising the hatchet to the poor, unemployed, old, and even the middle class.  The way Obama is talking it is like he is getting ready to go to his high school reunion.  If the population of this country could just come to grips with the reality of the false left-right paradigm and realize there are no Democrats or Republicans but only a group of international gangsters that want to finish extracting every last morsel of our wealth and take off to their chateaus in Switzerland while we are left to starve in the third world we might actually stand a chance of salvaging a future for our progeny.

In the United States, the richest country on the planet, there are today children going hungry while the greedy rich spend every waking hour trying to figure new ways to take food out of poor children’s mouths.
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It is 2011, 365 days for the filthy rich to see how much more they can take from us.  Of course the propagandists are blazing away pushing their recovery lie.  People, we no longer have an industrial base, yet the rich continue acquiring more wealth, literally making bank on the stock market in 2010.  As we are producing very little that would represent created wealth, where are all these riches being accumulated by the wealthy coming from?  Well, there is only one logical explanation.

The wealth is being raked up from the lower tiers in our society.  This wealth is represented by profits being made through outsourcing of our jobs and liquidation of the equity we once held in our real property.  It is a transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the greedy rich.  And as they are stealing hand over fist they are spouting out of the corners of their mouths, “End regulation” and “Cut our taxes.”
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United States Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, is busy today securing one of the borders of our homeland.  It is not the border between Texas and Mexico, New Mexico and Mexico, Arizona and Mexico, or California and Mexico.  It is indeed our homeland border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Yes, you heard me right, United States Homeland Security, according to Ms. Napolitano, is going to seal the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Napolitano flew to Afghanistan, taking with her our expert border agents, which have so effectively sealed our Southern border.  So what is our United States Homeland Security Secretary doing in a foreign country leading a crusade to seal their border while the entire population of South America is pouring into the United States through Mexico?
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New Hawaiian Governor, Neil Abercrombie, has stated that he is going to acquire Barrack Obama’s original birth certificate in order to put to rest the issue of Obama’s place of birth and citizenship once and for all.

You would think that all those who support Obama would favor the action.  And what are we really talking about here, nothing more than producing a document that should have been produced a long time ago.  However, leftist Demorats are urging Abercrombie to stay out of the Birther debate.
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Weekly new unemployment claims dropped last week to 388,000 which is the lowest they have been since July of 2008.  Of course we have seen the highest retail spending on Christmas since 2008.  Do you think the two might have something to do with one another?  The fact is the number of people receiving long term unemployment rose for the week.

We will get to see the ugly truth when the yearly unemployment report is released sometime in the next two weeks.  The way the mainstream propagandists are back peddling from their positive growth dogma, I have to believe the yearly report will show unemployment to be unexpectedly high.
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The Economy Policy Institute reported that U.S. companies created 1.4 million jobs this year.  There is just one small problem.  They were all created overseas.  If these jobs had been American jobs they would have lowered the unemployment number to 8.9%.

So why are American businesses doing their hiring overseas?  They say it is because of over-regulation and excessive corporate taxes.  Of course they fail to mention CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, which are American made laws that give incentives to hire workers in other countries.
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Danish Intelligence officers arrested suspected terrorists Wednesday.  They are accused of preparing to attack a Copenhagen newspaper that five years ago released cartoons depicting the Profit Mohamed.  They were apparently well armed and carrying plastic ties in their pockets to use as hand cuffs.  It is believed that the plan was to kill as many people as possible.

Denmark’s intelligence service said it arrested four men in two raids in suburbs of the capital, Copenhagen, and seized an automatic weapon, a silencer and ammunition. Swedish police said they arrested a 37-year-old Swedish citizen of Tunisian origin living in Stockholm.
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South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has announced a change in strategy in reference future South Korean responses to North Korean attacks.  The change in heart comes after mass criticisms from the South Korean people for his failure to counter attack after North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island on November 23rd.

President Lee has also appointed a new defense minister.  He has stated that any further attacks from the North will be answered with massive air strikes.
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Well we are closing in on the New Year and it would be nice to be looking at 2011 as a new start with potential for new opportunities.  But then that god damned old reality keeps getting in the way.  A rich corporate business man, speaking on Bloomberg, said that the rich were still holding on to $2 trillion because the uncertainty in reference to taxes was still looming.  In essence the huge tax cuts given to the top 2% is not going to create one job.

This rich fellow went on to state that a majority of the stimulus monies were being spent on investments in China, and of course he was laughing when he said it.  He finished by saying that he predicted that the states, in order to stay fiscally solvent, will be cutting between one and two million jobs from the public sector.
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Barrack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro is truly amazing.  While playing golf and sipping Mai Tais out of pineapples on the private beach we paid for him to stay at, he managed to go above and beyond in his multitasking.  A provision that was pulled from his health care plan, the end of life counseling which equates in reality to the formation of death panels, was reinserted back into the health care law.  Many have labeled this provision as an inevitable death sentence for Grandma and Grandpa but it is far more diabolical.

You see, I live in Oregon where the eugenicists practice their evil before unleashing it on the rest of the country.  We have a lot of rural areas that are under complete control of international corporate interests.  Without any legislation being in place to make their actions lawful, the hospital where I live has enacted policy wherein if you go there for something as minute as a blood test, you are forced to sign a document that gives the hospital absolute control over your treatment for one year. If you refuse to sign you are denied service.
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Another package bomb was discovered in Rome, this time at the Greek Embassy which sits directly in front of the home of the American Ambassador to Italy.  The package bomb is being described as the same kind that exploded last week in the Swiss and Chilean Embassies in Rome.  No organization as yet has come forward to claim responsibility for the package bomb.

In reference to the two other bombings that occurred last week an anarchist group is taking responsibility.  You will recall that two embassy employees were seriously injured when they attempted to open the packages containing the bombs.  The package bombs are being described as small, basically the size of a compact disc.
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WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange will be getting I million pounds for writing an autobiography.  He is reported to be adverse to the book deal but has been left with no choice in the matter.  As previously reported PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard have all but stopped the flow of revenues to WikiLeaks.

It is reported that Mr. Assange has already spent 250,000 pounds in his defense against extradition to Sweden and sex allegations being made by two women there.  It is also reported that his new found wealth will be used to keep WikiLeaks online as the site has lost 425,000 pounds since the incident began to date as a result of the actions taken by PayPal and the two credit card companies.
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The slant of the propaganda is now taking on the face of deregulation.  For the past two years we have been force fed the idea that the deregulation during the Bush era is what caused our most recent economic collapse.  How many times will they be allowed to use the same con over and over before we stand up in unison and say, “No more.”

Most 99ers are old enough to remember the savings and loans collapse of the 1970s.  And what did they say to us back then?  It is not right that you tax payers are having to bail the banks out who caused this collapse through criminal mismanagement.  They further said that we are going to put such regulations on the banks that it will be insured that this will never happen again.  Now we have gone from, “We must regulate” to “We must deregulate” in just two years, which tells me that another mass screwing is on the horizon.
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Well we made it through Christmas so what lies ahead?  There will be that quiet lull between Christmas and New Years and then we start the whole thing over again.  Many states are facing a budget shortfall, which means they will be looking for bailouts from the federal government.  We need to remember that every state is in reality just another business, or in this case, failing business.  Like Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

When the failing states (businesses) come for the bailouts we will see the same scenario.  You see states are too big to fail and if they are allowed to do so it could cost millions of jobs and a double dip recession. They will continue to use the same catch-all excuse until somebody either calls their bluff or the whole country is finally thrown into bankruptcy.
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A suspected Taliban suicide bomber killed 41 people and injured scores more in Khar, the administrative center of Pakistan’s insurgency-hit Bajaur district on the Afghan border, on Christmas day.  The bombing comes a day after Taliban insurgents launched coordinated assaults on security forces in a neighboring district that left 11 soldiers and 24 militants dead.   In the bombing 30 were killed instantly after which 11 more died in the hospital.

The people of Pakistan have to be asking, “How in the hell did we ever get caught up in this mess?”  I guess what happened is some terrorists from another country illegally crossed their borders and came into their country in order to hide and train in their mountains.
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North Korea is making new threats of nuclear war in retaliation to planned sea maneuvers which will be conducted by South Korea in the coming days.  Many are speculating that the renewed threats are just that, threats designed to draw attention and possibly future concession from the United States.

North Korea was threatening to use nuclear warheads just last week if the South Koreans went through with live fire exercises as planned.  Of course we all know that the South Koreans did go through with the exercises and the North Koreans did not retaliate.

Others are speculating that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il, is using the situation to indoctrinate his generals into the acceptance to his son’s succession to power.
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Peace on Earth, good will toward men.  Sounds like a noble pursuit but every day we move further away from that reality.  The propaganda brainwashing of the day is centered on selfishness and greed.  It has become a virtue to acquire those thirty pieces of silver by any means under the guise that it creates jobs.

I expect any day to see a remake of The Passion wherein Judas is portrayed as a caring business man who rose above those in his poor company through brilliant ingenuity.  And then portraying Christ as an undesirable trying to disrupt commerce and hurt the economy.
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