Paul Pelosi ‘violently’ attacked in SF home, suspect in custody; sources say hammer involved

ABC News 7

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco house was broken into early Friday morning and her husband, Paul Pelosi, was “violently assaulted,” according to the House Speaker’s spokesperson. Nancy Pelosi was not home or in San Francisco at the time of the attack.

The suspect is in custody according to the spokesperson, and Paul Pelosi is in the hospital.

Sources confirm to ABC7 Insider Phil Matier that a hammer was involved and ABC News has confirmed that the break-in is suspected to be targeted.

The suspect allegedly entered through a sliding door while carrying a hammer and was looking for Nancy Pelosi herself. According to ABC News, as the suspect entered the house, he was shouting “Where’s Nancy?”

ABC News reports that Pelosi’s injuries are “significant,” but according to two familiar sources, he is expected to recover.

The Pelosi’s home is in Pacific Heights, where there has been a large police presence Friday morning. It is unclear if there was a presence at the home when the break-in happened.

“The Speaker and her family are grateful to the first responders and medical professionals involved, and request privacy at this time,” a statement from Pelosi’s spokesperson said.

The United States Capitol Police as well as the FBI are assisting SFPD in a joint investigation into the assault and break-in.

According to a statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, President Joe Biden called Speaker Pelosi Friday morning to express support.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also spoke with Nancy Pelosi.

7 thoughts on “Paul Pelosi ‘violently’ attacked in SF home, suspect in custody; sources say hammer involved

  1. Was it a high capacity assault hammer with multiple capacity clip/thingies and a barrel shroud?…..did the hammer have a “Made in USA” sticker on it making it a Maga Hammer.

  2. Nancy Smollette I presume

    Mid terms coming , must distract and make the other part of the team look worse than their side of the team . False Flags incoming

    A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not be trusted by anybody

  3. I don’t mean to sound crass, but this ‘coincidence’ is a two-fer for Nancy. She is in great need of a sympathy vote to stay in office. She also needs her hubby’s questionable lifestyle and stock trades to be on the back burner right now. This timely attack accomplishes both. Hillary isn’t the only dem who is capable of shady dealings. Color me suspicious.

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