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Piers Morgan clashes with gender fluid guest

Daily Mail

A Good Morning Britain guest who lives life as both a man and a woman explained on the show how they don’t know who they will be until they wake up each morning.

Tabitha/Tate Downs-King, 20, identifies as gender fluid, meaning one day she will be Tabitha – as she was for her appearance on the daytime show – and another, Tate.

Tabitha – who was born biologically female – explained to presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that she dresses according to which gender she identifies as on any given day.  

And when Piers asked which toilets she would use in a public place, Tabitha said that she would use both – even making use of the urinal.

Asked how that would work by Piers, Tabitha explained ‘there’s a prosthetic penis that you can pee through,’ leaving the host apparently lost for words.

Piers went on to insist: ‘You can’t be male or female… why should you have the freedom and I don’t?’

Tabitha, who is bisexual and has a boyfriend and a girlfriend, also has two mothers; one birth and one trans.

Petra is her biological father, who has since transitioned to become a woman.

Tabitha had to defend a suggestion from Susanna that she was ‘dressing up’, and said that how she looks on each day is important.

‘It’s not dressing up… It’s dressing up according to who I am that day,’ she said.

‘It’s important to create a bold identity.’

Tabitha explained that there is no equal share when it comes to whether she is a man or woman on the day.

During her appearance Tabitha said that she is often ‘confused’ when she wakes up until her brain settles in to the particular gender of the day.

‘There’s no percentage at all – you just get what you’re given on the day,’ she said.

Tabitha - who was born female - explained that she identifies as gender fluid, dressing as a male or female and also using both toilets depending on who she was

Confirming that she was born female she added: ‘I accept it but I wasn’t particularly happy about it.

‘That is the difficult thing about being trans.. Sorry gender fluid. The reason I said trans is because I have many trans friends,’ she said to clarify the mistake.

Piers – who said he had never met a person like Tabitha – questioned whether her biological father transitioning to a woman was the root of her ‘confusion’ over her gender.

‘I’m not confused about being male and female, it just takes a couple of minute to work out,’ she replied.

But Piers, who has previously clashed with members of the trans community, didn’t appear to be impressed by Tabitha.

‘My problem with this is you can’t be male or female… You’re born one or the other. If you want to have an operation fine… I just don’t get this gender fluid stuff.’

He then said: ‘If you can identify as who the hell you like can I literally look at myself and say, and I’ve made this joke before, I’m an elephant today.

‘Why should you have the freedom and I don’t, where does this go?’

Tabitha said that she had no problem with Piers wanting to identify as an elephant, and he eventually wrapped up the interview insisting: ‘I am not saying I’m right and you’re wrong.’

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6 Responses to Piers Morgan clashes with gender fluid guest

  1. galen says:

    Too bad Piers is a gun-grabber. Well, we take what we can use. That vid was almost unbelievable, maybe intentionally provocative.



  2. NC says:

    Gee…This makes the Jerry Springer Show look like a walk in the park.

  3. NC says:

    De-evolution is an understatement here. Idiocracy at its finest.

  4. NC says:

    Hello! Someone call the mental asylum. I think we’ve found their escaped mental patient.

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “… also has two mothers; one birth and one trans.”

    Idiotic statement… physically impossible for two women alone to conceive, so this retard must’ve been hatched BEFORE her twisted daddy had the change made.

    “My problem with this is you can’t be male or female… You’re born one or the other.”

    Probably the most intelligent thing this @ssclown ever spewed out of that piehole.

    He then proceeds to display his usual stupidity…

    “…he eventually wrapped up the interview insisting: ‘I am not saying I’m right and you’re wrong.’


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