Gas explosion at Mexico City children’s hospital kills at least 7, including 4 children

Photo by @AdrianRubalcava,  head of the Cuajimalpa boroughRT

A gas truck explosion outside a Mexico City maternity hospital has left at least two people dead and 53 others injured, including more than 20 children, according to city authorities.

The initial death toll was put at seven, but Adrian Rubalcava, head of the Cuajimalpa borough in Mexico City where the facility is located, later said that only two people lost their lives in the accident. One of those killed was a child, while another was a woman around 40 years of age.  

Rubalcava explained that the miscount occurred after several unconscious people who were retrieved from the debris were mistaken for dead.

The bodies were found in the debris of the collapsed building, according to local media reports. Between 30 to 40 percent of the structure had reportedly collapsed following the blast.

Rubalcava said said that “the most worrisome is the collapse of a large part of the hospital.”

The explosion, which sent a smoke column billowing through western Mexico City, occurred when a hose supplying gas to the hospital burst Thursday morning.

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