Police State Amerika: DHS/TSA on America’s campuses


Why is the NSA, DHS, TSA and numerous spying agencies in our universities? Why are govt. spies in demand on college campuses?

Former govt. officials find work at colleges across the country.

A smartly dressed man named Joe whose parents don’t know what he does for a living riveted a University of Maryland class recently with tales about U.S. government secrets. Joe, the guest lecturer in a course called “Legal Issues in Managing Information,” works for the CIA. So does the course’s instructor, whose full name can be published.  

At George Washington University in Washington, D.C., another CIA employee teaches a course on competitive intelligence in business. And the same thing is happening at nearby Georgetown University.

Intelligence is flourishing as a new academic discipline at hundreds of colleges across the country. Only a small fraction of the instructors are CIA employees, but many others have worked in government intelligence or diplomacy of some kind and have fashioned courses based on that service.

Their skills mesh perfectly with the business world’s increased emphasis on information management and how distinguishing good information from bad information affects the bottom line. Indeed, the typical student in an intelligence course is not a wannabe spy but an aspiring business executive, systems analyst or librarian.

Ann Prentice, dean of the University of Maryland’s College of Library and Information Systems, said the school sought out Lee Strickland, the CIA official teaching the graduate course on legal issues, for the practical experience he could bring to information management.
“It’s our core business,” she said. “We thought Lee could bring another perspective that would be valuable.”

The NSA runs it’s ‘IA Mission‘ in colleges across the country.

The Dept. of Defense(DoD) runs an ‘Information Assurance Scholarship Program‘  it’s disturbing tag line reads:

“To continue to provide the growing number of trained personnel needed, DoD is working with universities across the country, known as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance (run by the NSA), often referred to as CAEs, to develop and expand IA–related curricula and to offer programs of study for future IA professionals.”

The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence created an “Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence” (or IC Center) for students.

The idea for IC Centers came about in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks, when both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives held hearings about how the country’s spy agencies missed clues that might have foiled the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. As part of the response, Congress passed a sweeping law called the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (S 2845).

In the House Intelligence Committee hearings prior to the bill’s passage, California representative Jane Harman (Democrat from California and chair of the House Intelligence Committee) put it bluntly: “We can no longer expect an Intelligence Community that is mostly male and mostly white to be able to monitor and infiltrate suspicious organizations or terrorist groups. We need spies that look like their targets, CIA officers who speak the dialects that terrorists use, and FBI agents who can speak to Muslim women that might be intimidated by men”.

For this reason, the IC Center program wasn’t aimed at students attending Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or other Ivy League schools or internationally renowned universities like Stanford or Berkeley or the University of Chicago. The program’s architects consciously directed it at schools where minority students are the majority—predominantly African American and Latino universities, which are chronically underfunded. Perhaps this reflects the shape of “multiculturalism” in a militarized society: the government’s spy agencies and armed forces recruit minority students from low-income regions in order to “monitor and infiltrate” people (“targets”) that look and speak like them.

Since 2005, Trinity’s IC Center has had its funding renewed, and “Spy Camp” has continued every summer since. In fact, beginning in 2006, the director of National Intelligence dramatically expanded the IC Center program (of which the “Spy Camp” is only one part), and today there are a total of twenty-one such centers throughout the country. These are located at California State University, San Bernardino; Carnegie-Mellon University; Clemson University; Clark Atlanta University; Florida A&M University; Florida International University; Howard University; Miles College (Alabama); Norfolk State University (Virginia); North Carolina A&T University; Pennsylvania State University; Tennessee State University; Trinity University; University of Maryland, College Park; University of Nebraska; University of New Mexico; University of North Carolina, Wilmington; University of Texas, El Paso; University of Texas, Pan American; University of Washington; Virginia Tech; and Wayne State University (Michigan). Significantly, most of these universities have large numbers of minority students, which corresponds with the original objectives of the IC Center program’s architects.

Tens of millions of dollars have been appropriated for the programs, with some centers receiving individual grants of up to $750,000. According to the Washington Post, the DNI planned to expand the program to twenty universities by the year 2015. Apparently, it has met this goal far ahead of schedule. (Since 2008, the DNI has included universities with significantly higher percentages of “white” students. It appears that the DNI quickly exhausted its supply of predominantly Hispanic and African American universities.)

And for students who want a taste of spying, the NSA offers a summer intern program.

The NSA uses a despicable recruiting cartoon drive aimed at kids, called “America’s Crytpo Kids.” Some students have openly voiced there concerns over this blatant use of making spying on Americans without a warrant fun.

Click here & here to read more.

Need more proof the Amerikan police state has permeated our educational system? Former DHS chief Janet Napolitano is president of president of the University of California.

DHS also offers a summer intern program called the ‘National HS – STEM Summer Program‘. Clickhere to find out more about internships with Big Brother.

Columbia College proudly supports DHS’s internship spying program.

DHS also offers a ‘Secretary’s Honors Program‘(SHP) where students can learn to spy on Americans and go on to find jobs with them or the TSA, CIA, FBI and Secret Service.

Former TSA chief John Pistole  said he will leave office at the end of the year and expects to accept a position in Anderson University.

Anderson University posted a statement on its website that said a search committee will propose to the school’s board of trustees that Pistole be the school’s next president. The university is located in Anderson, Indiana, Pistole’s hometown.

Pistole received a bachelor’s degree in 1978 from the nearly 100-year-old university, which was founded by the Church of God, according to the school’s statement.

Is this the future of education?

How long before DHS & the TSA require:

Laptops, belts, shoes and liquids must be removed from backpacks for screening before entering the classroom.

Full body scans are required to enter the library.

Students can skip food lines and move through faster by signing up for Pre-Check.

Students should follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule for shower caddies with travel-sized shampoos.

Students must present proper identification before taking tests.

No backpacks may be left unattended on campuses.

Bomb-sniffing dogs will roam campus hallways.

Federal air marshals will be embedded in campus classrooms.

The football team will change its uniforms from black and orange to TSA’s signature blue look.

How America has changed. Back in 1973 the U.S. govt. hired 10 college students to infiltrate and spy on left-wing groups.

Even our high schools have become prime hunting grounds for Amerika’s spying agencies:

In July 2005, a select group of fifteen- to nineteen-year-old high school students participated in a week-long summer program called “Spy Camp” in the Washington, DC, area. The program included a field trip to the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia, an “intelligence simulation” exercise, and a visit to the $35 million International Spy Museum.

The high school program was carried out by Trinity University of Washington, DC—a predominantly African American university with an overwhelmingly female student population.

According to the Office of the DNI, the goal of the IC Center program is to increase the pool of future applicants for careers in the CIA, the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the dozen or so other organizations that make up the U.S. “intelligence community”—in less euphemistic terms, America’s spy agencies.









3 thoughts on “Police State Amerika: DHS/TSA on America’s campuses

  1. NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA all have offices on the CA state property of Atascadero State Mental Hospital. I learned about this from a state employee.
    . . .

  2. School is more about endocrination into the NWO than education. It is well known that DOJ requires a list of names of speakers and topics at many colleges so that they can be screened for any anti-government NWO messaging. Our education system is just plain creepy as the government wants dumbed-down little slaves willing to follow the government’scommuist (and worse) agenda. Hitler did this on a much smaller scale but the intent was the same.
    It was not enough for the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Bush Nazi Zionists to be happy taking over the media with all the “journalists” being on the CIA payroll. First it was the Medical Industrial Complex and now it’s just any and all education/endocrination programs. Clearly we are living in a state that is far worse than Germany 1933 – 1945.

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