Police Taser Homeowner For Trying To Save Burning House With Garden Hose

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PINELLAS PARK, FL — Police tasered a man who says he was trying to save his family and his home. A neighboring house was the source of the fire, and it began to spread onto Dan Jensen’s roof. He grabbed a garden hose to put it out. Firefighters had not arrived on the scene, and he felt that his only choice was to attempt to stop the fire from spreading and destroying all of his property and memories. Next thing he knew, he “was laying in a puddle of water being electrocuted” in front of his children.


26 thoughts on “Police Taser Homeowner For Trying To Save Burning House With Garden Hose

  1. The host says excessive use of force and the reporter suggests to him that he was defying a police officer’s orders but I ask would what business did the public servants have telling a member of the public you must allow your property, supposedly insured, to burn ? So is it now somehow illegal for a member of the public to try to put out a fire ?
    The police department takes the booby prize for saying they were trying to protect him and the police officers (I notice they did mention trying to protect this guy’s property) and that they could have charged him with obstruction. I also think that the lunatic economists would say that having this guy’s property destroyed is going to be good for the economy.

  2. Police cannot be hired if they score too high on an intelligence test. Are we supposed to turn our lives over to people who make decisions with limited intelligence? Are we all supposed to dummy down and obey average people tell us how to live our lives?

    There’s something seriously wrong with a system that criminalizes people who react with considered thought and rationality.

    Years ago, the police on the scene would have helped the guy with the hose to do the reasonable thing. Now, reasonable actions are criminal and invite punishment.

    What the hell is going on in America?

  3. Guys, if you didn’t believe me on my taser incident in Round Rock, TX in September, I hope you believe me now because this is EXACTLY what happened to me when I was trying to protect myself and my wife by restraining my attacker and they tased me for no reason whatsoever.

    The reporter says, “Did you think you were defying a police order?” Unbelievable!!! That woman ought to be F**KING HANGED!!! I am so sick of these MSM reporters taking the sides of the police on EVERYTHING!!! That bitch needs to be smacked out of the country! THIS STORY PISSES ME OFF!!!!

    The cop says, “You’re house is covered by insurance” and then tases him. Are you F**KING KIDDING ME!!??? The homeowner can’t even save his own house and their pathetic weasel excuse is probably, “Well we are trying to protect the homeowner.” BULLSHIT!!! And then they say that if he was defying their order, it was “Obstruction of Justice”? WHAT THE F**K!!?? What justice? To save his own home? Are you kidding me? They always make up charges for anything they want. It’s absolutely absurd!

    And look at the guy’s taser marks. They are exactly the same as mine when I showed you guys the pictures of my taser marks on this site in early September. Same situation. How much more of this shit are we going to take from these F**KING assholes!!!??

    THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!! I hope that guy has better luck than I did, finding a lawyer who would take the damn case to defend him and sue the police department for everything they have!!

    The police have to give a verbal warning? That’s bullshit! They don’t have to do a damn thing and can get away with it. If you are trying to save your house and protect your neighbors, there’s no need for this shit. And they say we aren’t allowed to? Why? Because we are not trained firefighters. So they are saying that unless we are trained firefighters or trained police officers, you have no right to protect yourself and your family anymore? ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!!!!???? This is what our country and government has become!! Just like the officer tells me after I yelled at him for abuse of authority. He says, “You don’t know what police officers have to go through every day, so stop thinking you do.” UNBELIEVABLE!!! So now we can’t even protect our own homes. Just let it burn to the ground.

    These bastard cops will probably get “exonerated” with a two week paid vacation like the cop who tased me. THIS SHIT HAS TO END!!! THIS PISSES ME OFF BEYOND BELIEF!! I HOPE THAT GUY SUES THE F**KING SHIT OUT OF THAT POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!

    NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE knows what it feels like to be tased until it happens to them. It is an emotional, psychological and mental trip that stays with you forever. All you want to do is get revenge on the guy that tased you! Everyday you wake up and every time you see a cop, you just have this sheer hatred and psychological breakdown that says, “Just give me an excuse to beat the shit out of them. I don’t even care if he was the same cop who tased more or if is someone other cop. I just want him to feel what I feel. I want them to feel the same psychological trauma, torture and emotional pain that I have to deal with every single day. That kind of rage that comes out and says, ‘KILL THEM ALL!!'”.

    I pray most of you don’t have to go through this and if you do, I hope the cops suffer a slow painful death.

    For those of you who are new and haven’t seen the article of my taser incident, click here:


    1. Voluntary got TASED once with a M26-C2….I put that experience at the top of my list as the most STUPID sh!t I’ve ever done and I’ve got scars for other stupid sh!t.

      LEO is out of control. The excuse “the insurance will pay” isn’t in ANY Municipal Fire Plan. This is another example of LEO doing their Alpha doggie “I’m top dog around here” BS. Using Fear & Force to get people to comply to their “Orders” no matter how insane they may be. Time to put the doggie to sleep if it doesn’t recover.

    2. One needs only to look at the real stats for Taser usage by LEO. I’ve changed my tactics & procedures that puts pulling a Taser into Deadly Force class & to respond accordingly.

      1. Yep. As everyone should. These things are lethal if you have a heart or medical condition and of course the police will just say, “Well, I didn’t know” and will get a slap on the wrist because it was important that his safety was first and foremost and not the victim’s.

    1. F*ck YES! Hasn’t your double 5 hour Energy shot kicked in yet? You want to experience a Taser? Go to your bath tube & fill with water; stick you head into water while at the same time dropping a energized electrical appliance into tub. Your convulsing body may throw you clear of the water before you drown. Mad? Jeez…..

  4. Cops seem to be nothing but a liability these days. Worthless garbage. I’m not going to call a cop, ever, for ANYTHING!

  5. I dont advocate violence…..Im a peacefull US Military trained life taker….just like some of you fellers……..

    Now…..lets be clear here……..You piece of shit leo’s will soon ltter the streets with rotting carcasses…….no..not ours…YOURS!
    You serve the wrong masters……..

  6. I posted this to the PP City Manager this morning…no response as of yet…

    Sir or Ma’am….

    – I just read about your police officers tazering a man trying to save his house, and that of his neighbors from a spreading fire.

    – Let me ask something…is fascism now the favored method of government in the US?

    – Has some memo gone out from the White House, some secret executive order that has given PD around the country permission to behave like these animals you employ?

    – I read where the “Chief” has backed up the illicit actions of the idiot officer, and I am certain you will stand behind the behavior as acceptable as well…after all, you do have the city’s “bottom-line” to protect.

    – I grew up in a family of corrupt law enforcement…and it is plain to see when it is happening right in front of your eyes…..or, I’m sorry…are you blind? Sorry if you are sight-impaired…yet, your “Chief” thinks all was fine?

    – They claim to have tazed the man to ” protect him”…yet they have no idea if the man suffers from seizure disorder, heart condition or any form of mental disorder…in other words, they had no idea if the man would be damaged-to-death, through the application of the voltage sent through him…yet they claim they were trying to prevent him from being harmed?

    – I want to be on that jury when it is time to award damages…and I’d love to hear the cross-examination of the idiot who ordered the tazering…it will be a riot to listen in on someone who couldn’t come up with a better alternative than than the firing of 50,000 volts into a citizen who pays yours and the other idiot’s paycheck.

    – I hope the city is sued for millions, and I hope the idiot who fired the tazer…the idiot who ordered the firing of the tazer…and every other idiot who works for your department /city government…and who endorse this action…I hope they are all to be fired!

    – Soon….very soon in this country…citizens are going to begin standing up to people like you, your Chief and the cops who abused this man….they are going to begin organizing Grand Jury proceedings..and they are going to start charging people like you with treason and violations of your oaths of office….when they convict you..all very legal-like….they are going to begin to hang you traitorous souls….and I will stand on the street corner laughing my ass off and applauding….screw you fascists…

    -Meanwhile, the 400 person book-conference we are scheduling for this spring…the conference we were planning on presenting in the PP area…is now canceled…we have cancelled all of the area room reservations, all of the security and catering has been cancelled, as well as the limo and entertainment events we had planned throughout the area. In addition, we have advised our featured guests to stay away from the PP area…until the city leadership is reformed and the Constitution is re-instituted and adhered to loyally by your city employees.

    – When the fascists who think tazering a man for trying to save his home….when those folks are properly, legally swinging from a gallows for corrupt violations of their oath of office….(treason)…then, maybe we’d think about returning to PP.

    – Until then, you can forget about any of our business.


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. Nice.
      I think I would have put a sidenote or a p.s. that something like “Just remember, it didn’t have to be this way..people/pesons/entities like you made it this way.”

      ~Blessed Be to all~

    2. Well done sir. Keep up the good work. I know exactly how you feel, it just builds up and your fingers start to do the talking.

  7. Good thing that hasn’t happened near my home. Since they put in the Agenda 21 water meters, My little hose nearly has a pee stream, where we used to have a 1 ” pipe and 2X lbs of water pressure. There would be no point using the hose now the water is 1/2″ and MUCH LESS lbs pressure. Oh yeah with the added free black sand and gook in EVERY VALVE IN THE HOUSE, the ice machine screwed, 2 toilets, and so far two valves, with every valve I messed with for maintenance seizing up with black crap inside .

    Then there’s the smart meter. So far I’ve learned they can remotely turn your power off. Nifty huh. After they “turn t back on” you hit the black button. To be truthful, I would love to hit the whole thing accidentally with a sledge hammer falling from the roof… and they snuck it in (tresspass/installation) without permission.

    It’s alright though, I now have a garden in winter and solar panels off grid. (took two years for me to get up and runnin) Perhaps one day when I feel like making an accidental water leak and having to replace the reducer with 1″ and pray the pressure is still there. Still, after digging a sewer an insane depth I need a break, and have given up fighting further for the moment.

    This construction stuff costs random tapped out money on me too. But the good news is after a year of not metering the water we now get the meters turned on and pay per amount of hexa florine, floride, chlorine –ated water. Just like the bottles! yeah go green idiots.

    There’s a time coming for reckoning over this activity.

    federal bankster debt wants to tack on $100k to all this? all while the media is playing all in sex go round to cover up disaster oath breaking and mayhem.

    Figure out how to get off grid is my advice, even partially.
    Cause this is a day and nightmare that is only getting started.

  8. I would absolutely hunt that cop down and inflict serious injury on him.
    Anyone that is trying to cover it up/play it down like it was ‘unfortunate’ but not ILLEGAL, may get a visit also.
    Tired of this shit.
    Tick……tick….tick……only a matter of time…it’s coming….this cop, and alot of others, cops and not, will realize they have absolutely NO authority whatsoever when it comes down to it.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  9. The ultimate problem is the rest of the neighborhood standing around, watching it happen, and in their own minds calling it justified because they are all compromised, incompetent pussies.

    In a world of brave and free men, it would have been 10 on 1 and the cops would have pissed their barney fife chinos and blazed out of there for the nearest safe haven – Krispy Kreme.

    1. Exactly what I’ve been saying. I’m so sick and tired of seeing people in riots and people surrounding cops while watching the cops tasering and the beating the innocent people and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but run away even when it is 20 of them against 1 policeman. WHAT THE HELL ARE THE PEOPLE AFRAID OF???!!! These sheeple have no balls. 20 people witness the police smash a man’s face to the ground in Walmart last year for thinking he stole an item and no one helped the guy or did anything to the cops. A woman gets punched by a Philadelphia cop during a protest filled with 100’s of people and no one does a damn thing! Then there was that San Jose incident where they tasered that one guy in front of his family while the neighbors just stood and watched and did nothing. It was like 20 against 6 there, too.

      The same thing happened with my tasering incident. 10 to 12 people hiding in their houses and calling the cops while my wife and two friends are outside watching as 3 cops pile on me and taser me for just saying, “I’m the victim” with my hands up because I was supposedly not “OBEYING” the police officer when he told me to be quiet and who only wanted his little “obedience to authority power trip” enforced.

      WHEN THE HELL ARE PEOPLE GOING TO F**KING WAKE UP!!!!?? There are more of us than them! Who cares what they say they may do? Why are the people so damn afraid of nothing???!!!!

      Spain was kicking ass against the riot police during their protests by drop-kicking, tripping and kicking officers in the stomach and the officers all ran away scared. THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING PEOPLE!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE WE AFRAID OF!!!??? WHY ARE WE LETTING SPAIN BECOME BETTER THAN US IN THAT SENSE??? We are Americans and it seems like Spain has bigger balls than we do? It’s pathetic and I’m sick of this shit! We need to fight back, take back our lives and end this ridiculous fear! WE THE PEOPLE are in control of this country and its government NOT the corporations, the elite and their police and paramilitary mercenaries.

      WAKE UP PEOPLE!! I got my guns, my knives and my fists and I’m ready to take this fight to them, whenever you are. United we stand, Divided we fall. Let’s kick these psychotic motherf**kers out of our country and show them who’s boss!

  10. She should have asked, “Did the officers produce a warrant before entering your property?”

    Castle doctrine may recognize his ability to dispense with intruders that seek to deprive him of protecting his property or life. Incapacitating a US citizen on their own property during a condition which officers determined to be too unsafe to be with a hose is assinine.

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