Police use advertising to justify stopping, pedestrians and motorists at heroin checkpoints


The American Police State is using advertising, months in advance to justify heroin checkpoints.

After months of advertising, one of the most brazen Police State campaigns ever conceived began in Maryland last week. Police set up rolling heroin checkpoints as a pretense to detain, question, ticket and arrest pedestrians and motorists.

The Police Heroin Scare of 2015 Timeline:

– In June the gov’t (DHS/DEA) began placing heroin (propaganda) billboards on major thoroughfares in Harford, Maryland.

“The billboards were part of a $100,000 campaign to raise public awareness about the prevalence of heroin, funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Billboards, radio spots, print advertising and mobile bus advertisements are part of the campaign, according to the county.”

Public service announcements from June-November have been showing up in schools and newspapers, quoting an alleged child drug user who says: “My parents never thought their kid could have a heroin problem. They never checked my room for my stash.”

A gov’t study asked kids to VOLUNTEER their drug usage…

The Harford police are using a 2013 Maryland Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by the Maryland Dept. of Public Health and Hygiene, to scare people.

“…the 2013 Maryland Youth Risk Behavior Survey revealed that 5.1 % of our 9th grade students have used heroin one or more times in the past year.”

The questionable (gov’t) survey CLAIMED kids voluntarily admitted to using drugs (heroin). Would you trust kids to tell the truth? The police are doing just that.

– August, Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler starts HOPE which stands for “Heroin Overdose Prevention and Enforcement“.  Also in August, “Sheriff Gahler was on hand at Riverside to greet students and parents, and he said Sheriff’s Office deputies and command staffers were at schools throughout the county as a “highly visible” presence to ensure a safe first day.”

– September 3rd., Sheriff Gahler discussed heroin overdoses with Towson University students. Also, the sheriff’s heroin propaganda police have been visiting Middle schools talking to kids and parents.

Fyi, the sheriff’s office “Project Child Print” has been storing kids pictures, fingerprints and keeping  written descriptions of them, for years.

– September 22nd., the Harford County Sheriff’s office publishes three heroin public service announcement videos complete with ominous music, titled “where do kids hide heroin“, “my parents will never…” and finally the “Gallion family“.

Also in September the Harford County Sheriff’s department held a heroin (propaganda) meeting at town hall called ‘HOPE for Harford’ complete with a PowerPoint slideshow. Click here & here to view the Sheriff Departments propaganda videos.

– October, a complicit mass-media claims “an increasing number of middle-school-aged students are using heroin” and quote the 2013 study as evidence.

– November, HOPE’s definition suspiciously changed to give the appearance of being less about arresting people and more about helping. HOPE’s new definition is: “Heroin Overdose Prevention Effort”.

“Pastor Craig McLaughlin and Sandra Hartsock, a retired state police forensic scientist, both members of the Sheriff’s HOPE (Heroin Overdose Prevention Effort) group unveil a small version of the sign that will be placed outside the Harford County Sheriff’s Office’s precinct stations.”

– November 24th. DEA/Police begin using rolling heroin checkpoints to stop and question pedestrians and motorists.

“Yesterday, the Harford County Drug Taskforce, along with multiple law enforcement partners, conducted a multi-jurisdictional saturation effort throughout communities in Harford County. This special detail is part of law enforcement’s ongoing heroin reduction efforts and focused on conducting vehicle and pedestrian interdiction on major roadways…”

America’s police are in the advertising business..

The police run heroin prevention campaign instructs residents to go to FindTreatment.samhsa.gov for more information. But what you’re not being told is, police want to FORCE doctors to report drug overdose patients…

“Del. Kathy Szeliga, who represents Harford and Baltimore counties, said she will introduce billsrequiring medical professionals to report overdoses to law enforcement and requiring medical personnel to respond each time law enforcement officials administer the anti-opiate Narcan.”

DHS/Police are great at finding politicians that help keep Americans in fear…

Kathy Szeliga has close ties to DHS and thinks they needs more power, she wants “to beef up Homeland and community security“.

After close to SIX months of advertising (indoctrination) using heroin billboards, flyers, school visits and city hall police meetings, a compliant public now believes there’s a heroin epidemic.

Police claim rolling heroin checkpoints are for our SAFETY:

“The initiative was designed to meet the following goals: make the streets of Harford County safer for pedestrians and drivers; detect and arrest illegal drug users and sellers, and those drivers who are under the influence; promote public awareness of the dangers of heroin and drugged driving; most importantly, demonstrate to the citizens of Harford County that its law enforcement agencies care about the heroin epidemic affecting them and are united in their commitment to eradicating it.”

The DEA/DHS is behind rolling heroin checkpoints:

According to the news release, one of the multiple law enforcement partners is the Drug Enforcement Administration. Click here & here to read about the DEA’s close relationship with DHS.

According to a 2014 Harford County Health.com article titled “Harford County Opioid Overdose Prevention Plan

The Harford County Department of Community Services-Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) receives substance abuse prevention funding from the State of Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration and a variety of other sources (e.g. Harford County Government, Highway Safety, etc.).

ODCP has been receiving Drug Free Communities (DHS) grants for ten years. Since 2001, ODCP has received over 15 million dollars in grant funds!

Police are using known ‘hot spots’ or ‘drug corridors’ as a pretense to detain, question and arrest innocent motorists…

According to the Sheriff’s Office rolling heroin checkpoints were conducted along Route 152, Route 1, Route 24 and Route 40, “in designated locations and Hot Spot neighborhoods known for heroin use and sales.”

Earlier this month I reported how police consider anyone travelling from one city to another city as SUSPICIOUS.

“Because of courts’ willingness to designate various cities and states as source regions for narcotics, it is likely that most major roads in this country could be considered drug corridors.”

Government employees claim rolling heroin checkpoints are LEGAL:

(DHS employee) Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said Tuesday’s operation was legal in his opinion and was approved beforehand by the state’s attorney. Of course it was approve beforehand, more than likely it was approved earlier this year!

“It raises huge red flags to me, and it sounds like they were trying to do an end-around the Fourth Amendment, which ordinarily requires individualized suspicion that is a particular reason to stop a particular person before their freedom to move around can be interfered with,” said David Rocah, an attorney with the ACLU of Maryland.

“The Harford County Sheriff’s Office conducted what it calls a “heroin enforcement saturation detail” at multiple locations in Harford County on Tuesday, using what amounted to rolling traffic checkpoints on highways and in high crime neighborhoods to make 10 arrests, four for illegal drug possession.”

Police tricked innocent motorists into stopping under the pretense of handing out pamphlets:

“As opposed to the traditional DUI Checkpoints most are familiar with, in these “checkpoint” areas, vehicles continued on the roadway without being required to slow down or stop. Those vehicles that were pulled over were done so after they were observed committing some type of motor vehicle violation. As we had the opportunity to come in contact with motorists, two pamphlets were available; the first provided heroin awareness information, the second provided information for those struggling with drug addiction.”

“To trick people and lie about what they are doing and what the Fourth Amendment allows, to try and gain an excuse to stop people is extremely troubling,” Rocah said.

Not a single motorist was charged with heroin possession…

During theses rolling checkpoints, cops seized marijuana, opiates, prescription pills and related drug paraphernalia, a switchblade knife and $7,000 in cash. Three motorists were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or CDS (a controlled substance). Four more motorists were charged with possession of controlled substances.

If you still have any doubts as to how police have become propaganda machines, take a look at the “Harford County Sheriff’s Youth Police Explorers” program.

Can you spot the differences between Nazi Germany and American Police in the pictures below?

Nazi Germany checkpoints 1939-1954:

American police checkpoints 2001-present:

Gestapo frisking citizens 1939-1945:

America’s Stop & Frisk 2002- present:


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    1. Instituting a government to protect us from government is a logical fallacy of circular reasoning. We have been condition to believe that we need government to have a functioning society. A society can operate under rules but there is no reason to have rulers. All governments are just organized crime.

      1. right on!!.. F the governments of this entire world

        they need us waaaay more then we need them

        time to shit can everylast one of them

        null n void all their laws and stick it to them where the sun dont shine .. those that want to be governed should be placed in the FEMA camps with our current “ruling class”
        You all with me?
        im far from over it, when it comes to any dam government

  1. Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said Tuesday’s operation was legal in his opinion and was approved beforehand by the state’s attorney.

    “His Opinion.” + “the state’s attorney” determine law and what is legal now? Even overruling the ultimate law of the land. Wow.. Little Stalins.

    That will save a lot of money on Judges. Don’t need them anylonger. Just take a pencil pusher to rubber stamp their opinion with a mandatory sentence. Like in the former CCCP with article 58.

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