Power-Tripping Cop Blocks Suffering Pregnant Woman from ER Because His Ego Was Hurt

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Doral, FL — Last month, at the direction of her physician, Sabrina Enciso went to the emergency room of Jackson Memorial Hospital’s West Campus. Sabrina was driven by her husband Kevin Enciso as she experienced severe pain during her 7th month of pregnancy. Instead of immediately driving up to the door of the ER, however, the Encisos were forced to wait because two officers were blocking the entrance — so they could have a conversation.

“I’m having a lot of pain,” said Sabrina in the incident which was captured on cellphone video. According to the Encisos, Sabrina had been in an accident the day before and began experiencing severe pain, so her doctor advised her to go straight to the ER.

When they pulled into the hospital, they did what they were supposed to do, drive up to the ER drop-off area and let Sabrina out. But they couldn’t get there — two Miami-Dade Police officers were blocking the entrance to have a conversation and refused to get out of the way.

To let them know that they were in an emergency situation, Kevin honked at the officers and one of them had enough common sense to move out of the way. The other officer had his ego bruised by the pregnant couple who’d dare honk their horn in his almighty direction.

Instead of moving out of the way and helping the suffering pregnant woman into the hospital, the officer turned the couple’s ER visit into a traffic stop.

When the officer came to the window, Kevin explained the situation.

“I gave you a very nice honk—once—for getting out of the way. I have an emergency and that’s why I’m in the emergency room for my wife,” Kevin said as he refused to show his ID, telling the officer that he had “committed no crime.”

“I think I’m going to miscarry,” said Sabrina. But the officer did not care. Instead he ordered Kevin out of the vehicle.

“I am coming to the ER today because that’s what my doctor stated I needed to do, to make sure I don’t lose this child,” Sabrina told the officer as she filmed the interaction.

Coincidentally, Sabrina also works at Jackson Memorial Hospital, a point the officer decided to question her over.

“What is your title with Jackson Hospital?” said the officer, who identified himself as Officer Daniels.

“I am a financial analyst, I work in the business office,” said Sabrina.

Instead of realizing he was in the wrong, the officer sought to make the couple suffer and although they were just steps from the ER door, he detained them, forcing them to sit on the curb while he called fire rescue.

“She’s alert and she’s breathing,” said Daniels as he downplayed the couple’s emergency. “Sit on the curb over there.”

The couple was forced to sit in the hot sun on a curb indefinitely as they waited for fire rescue. Only after fire rescue showed up and measured Sabrina’s “skyrocketing” blood pressure did this power tripping cop let them go to the ER.

After spending several hours in the ER, the couple was eventually released, Sabrina was okay and they were told that they were having twins. Had this officer had his way, however, Sabrina would’ve miscarried in the parking lot of the hospital.

Free Thought Project

2 thoughts on “Power-Tripping Cop Blocks Suffering Pregnant Woman from ER Because His Ego Was Hurt

  1. And this comes as a surprise to exactly who, South Florida cops doing what South Florida caps do, being assholes. Many other places as in most are the same way too only its simply not reported.

  2. Start killing the incorporated, OATH violating pieces of shit folks …. IF that was MY wife those road agent motherf@#kers would be laying in their own f#$king blood and MY wife would be IN the emergency room ….. ANY C-KSUCKER pig that DON’T like that ????? COME and do something the f@#k about it ………

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