Predictable McCain Is On Board With Letting Obama Do Whatever He Wants

BFF's Obama and McCainIndependent Sentinel – by Sara Nobel

John McCain, the slightly Republican senator from Arizona, will not vote to shut down the government [that’s 16% of the government by the way]; he’d rather let Barack Obama continue violating the law of the land.

In that respect, he’s right on board with 43% of the Democrats who say the same thing according to the latest polls.

He is very opposed because it hurt Republicans so severely last time that they only won by a landslide.  

Anyway, McCain wants amnesty. He’s been on board with it for decades. He said recently that the Supreme Court must decide the case. How long will that take? A year or two? Then it will be too late which is exactly what he wants.


9 thoughts on “Predictable McCain Is On Board With Letting Obama Do Whatever He Wants

  1. Ever wonder why they don’t let the people vote on shutting down the government?

    I”m sure they’ll always find a way to stick around and “save us” until we physically run ’em out of here.

    The only thing that’s predictable about McCain is that he never knows what’s actually happening.

  2. Both are irrelevant , and everything they say or do is also irrelevant
    I’m done with every last one if them and not a dam thing they say or do is relevant anymore to me

    It’s time everyone in this country ignore everything they do or say

  3. I have nothing left to say about the pear-faced, war-mongering, psychotic dumbass, worthless piece of shit that’s lower than the corn in my crap.

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