President Obama Says Unemployment Insurance Important

First Published 11-4-10

The Republicans have taken control of the House.  They are hailing their victory as a referendum from the people in support of their platform and ideals.  No, Mr. and Mrs. Republican, we did not vote you in, we voted the incumbents out.  Your election to your posts is just a consequence and in two years, unless the issues of jobs and unemployment are addressed, your Democratic counterparts are going to be hailing their own victory.

I did enjoy watching Ed Shultz lash out in anger at the Democratic base for failing to re-elect Democratic incumbents.  I have to believe his size 55 pants popped a button.  What the Demopublicans and Republicrats know but are refusing to acknowledge is that it was Independent voters, which consisted of ex-Democrats and ex-Republicans who are fed up with lies and betrayals, who decided the election.

President Obama, as a part of his post-election address stated, “That’s also why I think unemployment insurance is important.  Not only is it the right thing to do for folks who are still looking for work and struggling in this really tough economy, but it’s the right thing to do for the economy as a whole.”

Now was that so hard?  The fact is that had Obama and the Demorats taken that trillion dollars they gave to the international corporate mafia, and used it instead to cater to the needs of the poor and unemployed they would not have lost the House.  As I said earlier, we did not vote the Republicans in, we voted the incumbents out.   The poor and unemployed do not suffer from any illusions when it comes to the Republicans’ long-held views in reference to trickling on us.  The incumbents failed to court our vote with the carrot so we gave them the stick.

Well, Mr. President, there are 733 days until we see if you will be a two-term or lame duck president, so I would suggest that you have a long talk with your brethren and sisteren in the House and Senate, who are already lame ducks, and convince them that the only chance you have lies in the hands of the poor and unemployed that you and they have thus far considered too ignorant to be of consequence.  That is if you make it to the next election.

When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House she proclaimed that the Democrats would not seek to impeach President Bush.  This was an act of treason as the prima facie evidence existed to not only impeach him, but put him in prison.  The Democrats are calling upon the new Speaker of the House to give an assurance to President Obama that the Republicans will not impeach him.  Again, the prima facie evidence exists to not only impeach, but to imprison.

Anybody who thinks that this election will result in a turnaround in our country’s downward spiral is wrong.  The Federal Reserve has announced they will begin monetizing our debt by printing $50 to $100 billion per month to buy up securities, with the goal of buying $600 billion by the end of 2011.  I even heard one reporter mention the infamous Weimar Republic while reporting on this issue.  If you do not know what the Weimar Republic was, I would strongly suggest that you look it up.  If you do know, I hope you realize that if we do get a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension, we had better use it to prepare ourselves for hyper-inflation, more job loss, and starvation.

President Obama and every politician out there know what the Federal Reserve is getting ready to do, so I think he needs to do a hell of a lot more for us than to just simply state that unemployment insurance is important.

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