The Illegal Alien Insurgency and the 2012 Election

As the United States continues to deteriorate the United States Congress is saying they will revisit the Dream Act.  What part of no do they not understand?  It is truly amazing how different subjects can be interjected and then withdrawn from the mainstream media in order to procure a certain desired affect at a select moment in time.

The investigation into Operation Gunrunner/Fast and Furious has to be getting pretty interesting about now.  Considering the potential impact of the investigation, shouldn’t it be front and center in the mainstream news?  But then again pointing out the corruption in both the US and Mexican governments at a time when there is a push to manipulate the polling places to accommodate illegal aliens voting in our elections, the fact of government corruption might need to be minimized.

I have always tried to examine the unlawful activities of government and their consequences in comparison with the common people.  If one of us was caught buying guns, taking them to Mexico, and trading them for drugs to be brought back to the United States for sale, they would put us underneath a federal prison for the rest of our lives.

On the other hand when criminal insurgents within our government funnel thousands of guns to Mexico and trade them for drugs to be sold in the United States, we see the perpetrators being moved to other departments and getting raises.

The contention that Attorney General Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and even Obama knew nothing of the gun running is laughable and the only one even facing a problem is Eric Holder.  The worst that is going to happen to him is he might have to resign and retire with a big fat pension and benefits for the rest of his life.  Who knows, he could even run for president in 2016.

The blatant reality of the insurgency is undeniable as is the wanton refusal to prosecute the insurgents.  The Constitution requires high crimes and misdemeanors for prosecution of government officials.  What is going on is felonious treason, but even those not directly involved in the treason will not address the issue because of the power and wealth represented by the insurgency and the fact that they might also benefit.  I mean, why not?  It is not like politicians go to jail for participating in these international crimes.

Only Ron Paul can save us from this madness.  It has reached the point that it has fallen upon we the people to enforce our laws and the first step must be to elect Dr. Paul in 2012. President Paul can then bring our troops home and put down the insurgency.  After which we can begin the investigations and punish the traitors.

Make no mistake; there will be millions of illegal votes cast by illegal aliens in the 2012 election.  And remember, every one of these illegal votes cancels a vote cast by a lawful US citizen.  This should be a capital crime as in reality the consequences can be loss of life, as in border agents killed with guns marketed by government agents, working under the direction of illegitimate political authorities who gained their office through illegal votes.

To suggest that the problem is just too big to solve is not only a copout but a lie.  If we can send a probe to Mars we can devise a system to insure that only US citizens vote in our elections.  And every American should be pushing for this eventuality as each and every one of us must be considered disenfranchised until we do so.

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In the past we prospered under our Constitution until insurgents within placed injunctions on our power as citizens granted through our Constitution.  We know that all we have to do is crush the insurgency and reinstate our Constitution and prosperity will return as a natural course as a part of our freedoms and liberties.

And when we have our country back we must punish every traitor and put forth new safeguards to make sure they never infiltrate the government of the people again.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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