Protesters Are Calling for War with Russia – A Nuclear Power – This May Not End Well

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

War protesters marched on Michigan Avenue – this time calling for war with nuclear power Russia.

We have gone full circle.  From leftists protesting against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to protesters pushing war with Russia.  This is how insane things have become.

Here is a tweet from Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari:

Author Peter Hitchens wrote:

Hitchens concludes his article after having experienced Ukraine recently with this:

In the atmosphere of the last few days, I half-expect to be presented with a white feather on the street by a beautiful young woman, because I refuse to join in the war hysteria now gripping the country. And it is hysteria.

I have heard a respected MP calling for the deportation of all Russians from this country – all of them. I have heard crazy people calling for a ‘no-fly zone’ in Ukraine.

If they got their way it would mean a terrible and immediate European war. I suspect they do not even know what they are calling for. Can you all please call off this carnival of hypocrisy?

I cannot join in it. I know too much. I know that our policy of Nato expansion – which we had promised not to do and which we knew infuriated Russians – played its part in bringing about this crisis.

It’s probably not a good idea to push for a nuclear war.  It may not end well.

Gateway Pundit

2 thoughts on “Protesters Are Calling for War with Russia – A Nuclear Power – This May Not End Well

  1. So weird and ‘woke’. Just about all the protests today are serving the global agenda. How the insanity mounts.

    I’m watching people picking sides. Even those you’d think would know better. If they’re not all-out shills, it’s likely that what confuses them is that they are seeing Russia and China strengthening, bonding, and in their mind that means everyone else is losing. After all these years they cannot entertain the idea of orchestration above nations. That it is decided who goes up and who goes down, and who stays up or down, and for how long – all for the Kosher bankers who just may want Russia to actually take Ukraine. Hmm… Resources and waterways come to mind. They give us dictators and saints. Hate one, love the other. I wouldn’t even call them dictators and saints, but demons and schemers, playin’ their parts for their piece of the pie.

    The picking of sides is the blinding of oneself to a bigger picture that only and forever paints itself as victor. Well, some know there really is only one side to pick. It’s the side flyin’ The Bill of Rights flag!!


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