Protesters Block Buses Carrying Undocumented Immigrants, Yell ‘Go Home’

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Buses carrying 140 undocumented immigrants from a Texas Border Patrol Station were blocked and turned away today by angry demonstrators in Murrieta, Calif.

The protesters waved American flags and shouted, “We don’t want you here!” and “Go home!”

About 100 protesters held signs that read, “Return to sender” and “STOP illegal immigration” (video below).  

Some of the protesters even sat in front of the buses.

The buses were supposed to unload the undocumented immigrants at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station where they would be processed, reports the Associated Press.

Instead, the buses turned around and drove to a San Diego County processing center, noted

After being processed in San Diego, the undocumented immigrants will be taken bus stops and dropped off. They can then catch buses to wherever they want to go.

Texas Border Patrol processing centers have been overwhelmed by the recent flood of undocumented immigrants, so some were bused to the Murietta station and other stations.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long claimed that the town is supposed to receive 140 immigrants every 72 hours for several weeks.

“This is a significant impact to our resources, but is well within the capacity of what we have here regionally,” Mayor Long told KTLA.

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One thought on “Protesters Block Buses Carrying Undocumented Immigrants, Yell ‘Go Home’

  1. They should have treated it like the Bundy Ranch situation and barricaded themselves or charge at the police and ICE agents. This whole illegal immigration thing is treason!

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