Protesters clash with Ottawa police, several arrested

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UPDATE: Several protesters have clashed with Ottawa police on the eve of Canada Day right in front of the National War Memorial. Ottawa police have confirmed that four have been arrested.

Video captured by Andy Lee shows one man attempting to get away from officers being wrestled to the ground by three who then proceeded to slam his head into the stone sidewalk, with one officer ramming his knee into the back of the protester’s neck and shoulder. A fourth officer arrives and restrains the man’s legs as he begins to scream. and writhes in pain.

After being restrained, the man can be heard breathlessly pleading, “Tell me what to do. I want to cooperate.”

In another brawl, two officers can be seen taking another man down as a friend attempts to free him. Additional officers arrive as reinforcements and push him away. In the distance, a third man is arrested.

Several more police officers arrive and begin sectioning off the area.

In a separate video, the man who’d screamed in pain while being arrested can be seen being escorted into a police cruiser.

It is still unclear what brought about the ordeal or whether protesters or police were the first to get physical.

Ottawa police, however, say that one officer was choked during the confrontation, which led to a larger police presence thereafter.

“The initial investigation finds that an interaction with officers became confrontational and 1 officer was choked. Other officers immediately responded, 4 people were arrested,” Ottawa police wrote in a tweet.

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9 thoughts on “Protesters clash with Ottawa police, several arrested

  1. Not that it matters but it wasn’t stated what the protest was about
    Must have been a general generic down home protest against harvesting maple?
    Besides, a one sided thing isn’t a clash.

    1. Hal, I read elsewhere that they were protesting their loss of rights. If I find the source, I’ll post it. What got me is how Trudeau treats his unarmed people. Brutal. I also noticed the police precision. You can see them bustin’ moves that demonstrate their training, moving to encircle and overtake. I did see one brave guy move some women out of harm’s way and then confront the police, but then he was taken down by their numbers. If only all in crowd moved in and helped out.


      1. Don’t worry about the source, sister. Thank you though.
        Protesting is bs
        If no one is ready to fight
        they only gonna be routed.
        Makes zero sense to me.

          1. Smokin’!! Thanks, brother. Can’t imagine why I never heard of this guy. I’m hard-pressed to find anyone who is more of ‘a natural.”


  2. They were leading into Canada Day that day. A day early. It may not necessarily have been a protest, since the people came to Ottawa like they do every July 1, to celebrate Canada’s birthday. In one report I viewed, the people, including children and babies there, were being frisked for weapons. Never once have the Canadian people ever come to Ottawa to celebrate our national birthday, with weapons, since peace as a nation, has always been our claim to fame. Make a long story short, the last time shit went down at the war memorial, during the trucker rebellion, rumour had it that people were dancing on the grave of the unknown soldier among other ways the agent provocateurs came out to discredit the freedom movement, which prompted actions of the cops against the people followed by disgusting lies by the msm to divide the people who believe their lies against those who were simply exercising their rights and freedoms to come together and party peacefully while trying to raise awareness of the crimes of the occupiers of the citadel buildings in Ottawa, against our laws and our people. The people who go to Ottawa to exercise their right to peacefully assemble, are not protesting. They are having a rebellion, which they know could get them hurt, but they do it to force the corruption to show itself so the people will wake tf up and do whatever they can, to resist the tyranny and continue to expose it for the whole world to see. I think if we had the guns like the Americans do, when push came to shove, they would more than likely have started going off by now. Maybe, once it is proven that there is no other peaceful means of pushing back and the bear gets poked too many times, the strong men among us will respond force against force, gun against gun, if they actually do have them.

    What the people have been trying really hard to do in the process, is wake the people in the military and in the police force up to get them to come over to the side of freedom, to fight for their own future and their children. Our fight is one of moral fortitude which we are trying to raise in the minds of the people who have training with guns so that when shit does go down, they make the right moral decision as to how those guns will be used. We are fighting to win the moral battle as the people become educated in applying Common Law to this war as we seek to access our courts and have the judges arrested… and following on from there, we take our country back. Using Common Law.

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