Rebel Leader: Many of the Dead Bodies from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Weren’t “Fresh”

bizarreacctThe Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Melton

Sorry to be so grotesque, but there aren’t a lot of other ways to say it.

The Associated Press article floating around the mainstream media in source after source (surely before it gets buried forever) is simply titled, “Rebel Leader Gives Bizarre Account of Plane Crash”.

How bizarre, exactly?  

A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash — suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.

The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition. [emphasis added]

Of course, the commander will be immediately discredited by western-backed establishment media sources simply because of which side of this conflict he politically stands on.

Not the point, however.

Bodies drained of blood and reeking of decomposition at a fresh crash site?

Who would even think to make something like that up in the first place?

This story is only bizarre until you consider the fact that this situation might be staged.

That explanation might help explain what’s going on in this video below, supposedly taken of the crash site moments after the plane went down, where a man scatters a handful of what look like brand new, unscathed passports from the Netherlands on the ground.

Again…are they wagging the dog to get us in to wider war?

Sure, President Obama seemed all properly concerned today when he mentioned at a press conference that an American was indeed killed on board MH17 and basically advanced the narrative that “Russia did it”.

He wasn’t all that concerned yesterday — right after the crash happened — when the media thought perhaps 23 Americans had been killed, however…at least not enough to cancel his burger photo op.

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19 thoughts on “Rebel Leader: Many of the Dead Bodies from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Weren’t “Fresh”

  1. I’ve yet to see one body per several reports bodies were every where
    along with blood which I found ridiculous. Can a plane explode twice
    as it had to have exploded in the sky after hit by the Ukrainian missile.
    Seems the guy who reported the decomposed bodies would have
    taken a pic.

    1. Anyone who has doubts about the bodies I suggest you visit and view the videos there….if you can handle gore. Sorry Al….no pun intended.

  2. The video shows what i was just discussing with my wife. thanks for posting this
    Paraclete. What say you trenchers??

  3. Staged?
    Flight mh370 is now found?
    Used to further ww3?
    Blown up on the ground ? To be used to further an agenda of war ?
    Who can you trust when all governments are corrupt , all media owned by those corrupt governments
    Folks were being lied to and this isn’t the beginning and it sure as heck ain’t the end

  4. The Israelis will roll through Gaza like the Nazis through Poland. You know, the same Nazis that gassed the poor, undeserving, jew people just because Hitler thought they were jew bastards. There is no reason to worry about every nation in history throwing the jews out. Where did the expression’ Don’t try to ‘jew’ me down” when bartering originate? Another is “Yes, he “jewed” me out of it. Why is it that jew has a monetary connotation to it you ask? These are the same “money exchangers” tables Jesus’ arm wiped clean in Jeruselum. Plenty of Judas’s in today’s world that would give the world away to satisfy his next primal urge. “Hello, I’m you new neighbor, Mr. Jewbe, boy, you sure got a nice spread here, I think I will guilt trip the world into allowing us to steal your land, bulldoze over you and shoot your children on the beach. And we will sit on a hill eating popcorn and cheer every explosion and child that gets bombed or gunned down. And if you don’t like it, f#k ya, cause we own you bitch.” This would be the mentality of a Zionist jew and they do have the banking gig going in their favor for sure. These vermin need to be excised from the planet.

      1. Correct Wade… like giving them beach front property along the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon.

      2. The island I will bequeath them with is in the middle of the “Lake of Fire!” Wade, what was that song you posted that I commented on. Think brother, I’ve been jonesing for that song, been through the archives, can’t find it. Your my only hope at this point. It’s not a earth shattering matter but it would make my day brother. If you have success, just post it again. I’m certain Henry wouldn’t mind.

    1. “The Israelis will roll through Gaza like the Nazis through Poland.”

      This is exactly what I was thinking yesterday. While we (NATO) are fighting a War in the Ukraine, Israel will be leveling the cities of Palestine.

      I saw Obama spouting-off with his lavender rage regarding Russia shooting down MH17. Anytime Obama addresses a tragic situation like this, it’s is a stark indicator that his fingers (and Israel’s) are in the pie. There was even a Facebook message the MSM showed on the news, regarding a Dutch passenger that joked about the plane on Facebook before “allegedly” boarding MH17. The message read: ‘If it disappears, this is what it looks like!’.

      Is this Facebook blurb just a fraudulent post, a coincidental ‘joke’ that backfired, or an obvious setup for yet another false flag ?

      The Central Banks need to start WW3 before the monetary systems crash. This way, the anger of the people will be focused on the War, and not the causes of the Western Central Banks crashing. Although, it should be understood that the plane crash, the pending War, and the eminent monetary crash are all caused by the Central Banksters. Good luck in convincing the sheeple that we are being duped into another World War.

    2. Oh dear lord, try thinking with the same open mind about history as you do about the day-to-day events of the here and now – “truth is the first casualty in war” wasn’t put on hold for the duration of WWII.

      Learn about the Polish Corridor which was created by Versailles in 1919 by separating Germany into 2 entirely distinct entities(Pomerania and East Prussia) and was the whole basis for Hitler’s “German reunification” agenda throughout the 30’s as he sought to reunite East and West as well as other territories sectioned off from Germany by Versailles.

      From Encyclopedia Britannica –

      “Perhaps no provision of the treaty caused so much animosity and resentment among Germans than this arrangement, for the corridor ran between Pomerania and East Prussia and separated the latter province from the main body of the German Reich to the west.”

      The Germans had legitimate cause to attack Poland in 1939, especially after dozens of peaceful offers from Germany were rejected by Poland throughout the 1930’s and in late 1938(I believe) Poland cut off all rail-transit links between the 2 German territories going through the ‘Corridor’.

      Hence why ‘judicial decree’ at the IMT West aka “Nuremberg Trials” was used to make it ‘contempt of court’ for anyone to mention the Versailles Treaty which clearly destroyed the Allied Powers “unprovoked aggression” claims against Germany.

      To even try to compare the actions of Germany in Poland in 1939 to the pure criminal aggression and mass-murder of the modern Zionists and their associates is ridiculous.


  5. They fared not well with Sandy Hoax – i.e. ZERO bodies, ZERO blood.

    Overcompensation perchance?

    1. Isn’t this mess of tangled metal and debris from the plane, exactly what you would expect to see at the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 911?

      Furthermore, I would have liked to see the same authoritative rage portrayed regarding the TWA 800 flight that got shot down by the Navy off Long Island in 1996… but the facts, and “witness testimonies/videos” were also ignored in this incident.

  6. “Many of the dead bodies weren’t fresh”……remind me not to let you do the grocery shopping.

  7. “Crisis in the Middle East”. Yup, since 1948, when we allowed these “illegal immigrants” permission to steal the land from the Palestinian people because “Jesus said so!”, we have lowered our moral standards to “lap dog” for the Zionists. They have bribed, bought, arm twisted, and blackmailed with impunity the entire federal government of the U.S. which will require extensive and life-threatening surgery to remove this “wart from the ass of society.” (Robin Williams in the movie ‘The Survivors”)

  8. Where are the black boxes? if not recovered, then you know this is all a scam. Each plane part has a serial number, too, so we should be able to find out which plane it was if there is any kind of genuine investigation.

    I saw bodies in the early pictures – one looked like a mannequin (arm, elbow). The bodies had no blood, no wounds, no charred flesh. How’s that possible? And fresh passports? Hello? And the timing of this thing – very convenient for a certain shitty little country in the middle east to continue their rampage on the hospitals, children playing football on the beach, elderly people, pregnant women, etc. If Russia is blamed before the smoke has cleared, then you know they are being set up. Why the f#@k would Russia bomb a civilian airliner anyway? I don’t believe jack about this story.

    Basically, if it’s on FOXCNNBCBSNPR, it’s utter bullshit. I no longer watch the news, but I pay attention to which outlets are trying to pin the blame on someone immediately after the fact – because I remember what happened on 9/11. All the fake “alternative” sites do the same and therefore identify themselves as collaborators. They are trying to get us into a war with Russia. WWIII. Isn’t this called “misprision of treason”? Isn’t that what they did to get us into all the other wars? Aren’t the media liars just as culpable as the “terrorists”?

    The only sites I can see that are trying to get at the truth are,,,, and this site. Maybe a few others, I’m not sure.


  9. I saw the crash debris video as well. Looks fake to me, and I agree with another poster that the body parts looked like mannequin pieces. If the plane went down and exploded, shouldn’t the bodies and clothes be charred? I saw none of that. The color on all the bodies was intact. I also want to throw in that none of the luggage, clothes, or books they showed were charred either. None of it. It’s all BS.

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