Record Gun Sales as the Soviet Socialist Insurgency Falters

The false flag in Connecticut has faded into the back pages as the events surrounding the incident have been shown to indicate yet another false flag without question.  Now the communists who want we American nationals disarmed so they can murder us and take our property will try to launch gun confiscation with but the flimsiest of toeholds.

They tout percentages in the high 60s and 70s of NRA members who support further gun restrictions.  What they do not say but what we all well know is that the NRA only represents 4 million of the 180 million gun owners in this country.  And as for their polls, I’m sure the communists have infiltrated the NRA at the grass roots as all this feat requires is to sign up and pay a fee.

This being said, what is a poll of 1,400 NRA members worth when a thousand are communist gun grabbers?  Oh, that’s right, about 60% to 70%.

If you do not believe this is a full scale attack on our 2nd Amendment, just examine the facts.  Gun sales are up 600%, in fact without them our 4th quarter GDP, during the Christmas season, would have been a negative number.  Yet stocks in gun companies continue to drop, indicating a corporate communist attempt to starve the gun industry of cash to build new products and expand.

Evidently there is a motive here that goes beyond corporate profit, and I say that the communists have become so scared that they have began actually sacrificing profits in a desperate attempt to slow down the gun buying frenzy.

In the beginning, when Obama was first elected the increase in gun purchases was a good thing as the intent was for us American nationals to kill one another, for the international communists, in a civil war to decide what brand of socialism would replace our Republic.  All they needed was a few false flags – Tucson, Aurora, Sikh Temple, Clackamas, and Newtown, and it just might have worked if not for the 100 million Americans dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made civilly dead via the international mortgage fraud scheme.

You see they thought they controlled communication across this country via the mainstream.  Unfortunately for them, via the internet, our people have found the truth embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And once that truth was realized, so was the threat.  Now the guns aren’t pointing the way they wanted, so they want them to go away.

Make no mistake, an all out attempt at gun confiscation will require UN troops, which will be our enemies’ final mistake as this will galvanize we American nationals into a single people, with a single purpose, operating as individuals.  The slaughter will be horrendous and in the end those who thought they could conquer our people will live out the final days of their lives hiding in spider holes and dreading their inevitable end.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Record Gun Sales as the Soviet Socialist Insurgency Falters

  1. The American people have spoken on the issue of gun control. They may not be writing to their congressman about it, because they know it’s futile to do so, but the recent scramble to purchase guns and ammo tells the whole story. And these record-breaking gun purchase increases are in addition to numbers that were already high before the election, and before hurricane Sandy Hook.

    There are a few desperate Zionist Jews screaming from their media outlets for gun control, but for real Americans, the debate is over, and in fact, it never should have began.

    I’m real sorry for the dead babies, and I send my condolences to their families, but it wasn’t gun owners that killed them. Sandy Hook was just another in a long series of government-run psychological operations that sought to convince people that disarming the U.S. population was somehow in their best interests. It didn’t work, and it’s not going to work if they kill another twenty babies either. Americans know better.

    We know who killed the kids at Sandy Hook, and they WILL face justice for it. An attempt at gun confiscation is exactly what we need to get the ball rolling, so come and get ’em.

  2. We need to put the Constitution and Bill of Rights BACK and enforce it! And no, rounding up the guns would only insure the criminals / insane would have them! What we need is a desire for REAL communication which, though highly unlikely, is the only way to get around …. what I don’t even want to voice !

  3. I wouldn’t try to claim that all of these mass shootings are false flags since many happen in the inner cities each day which are also used to vilify guns.
    Even if none of these mass shootings are false flags, I still don’t give a hoot since no man, cop or king will deprive me of the use of the weapons I need to keep from becoming a slave or victim of genocide by this government that is getting creepier by the day.
    In fact, the more they try to get them, the bigger the red flag it will raise.
    Never give them up.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Agreed,.. you cannot call all mass shooting events as being committed by our treasonous gov’t,.. just most of them.

      The ones that are easy to spot, are the ones where there is a stark contradiction between physical reality,… and the gov’ts story, which always have a few tell-tale features, such as:

      – Conflicting reports (not just a few,.. but many,.. that continue long after the event),

      – Repeated distortions and misrepresentations of “facts”,

      – A shooter that shows up wearing a bullet-proof vest, only to kill himself anyway.

      – Masks,

      – Lack of witnesses seeing the media claimed shooter,

      – Targets that tend to draw deep and reflexive reactions (such as children, women, even firemen),

      – Locations where the real shooter (a CIA or Mossad agent/contractor) will be safe while he carries out the executions (gun-free zones),

      – Immediate site control by federal agents (to facilitate the cover up story),

      – Jaw-boning/threats by police/gov’t agents to go along with the gov’ts story,

      – Immediate clamour for disarmament by congressional stooges (traitors),

      – Impeccable shooting skills (by a so-called pyscho), even when they have little-to-no history of training or shooting experience.

      – A shooter that displays a killing efficiency that only comes from years of resource and time investment (such as gov’t agents/contrtactors receive),

      ….and so on, and so on.

      The trick here,… The US Fed Gov’t has ALREADY been overthrown,.. now its just a matter of consolidating their control without alerting the sheeple.

      As a requirement to consolidate control,.. they MUST!,.. ABSOLUTELY MUST!! find a way , by hook or crook,… to disarm the population,… this is their next step,.. this is their sole focus,.. this is an absolute in their minds!

      After they have disarmed the population,… then the final phase of Operation Global Enslavement can begin in earnest.

      There is only ONE workable option,.. abolish and arrest ALL those involved (which now numbers in the hundreds of thousands) before they exterminate us.

      It is either,… them,.. OR,.. us.

      You WILL choose one or the other by: doing nothing,.. or fighting.

      JD – US Marines – Day 14 of 2nd American Revolution

      1. Dont forget an AR type rifle that seems all to common…
        The media loves to “ignorantly” call all of them assault rifles but can be really specific with the brand…

        despite a WASR being at least several hundred dollars less to acquire on average

    2. I never said they were ALL false-flags, just that this was another in a long series of them. Columbine, Batman, Va Tech, Norway, ALL had multiple shooters that mysteriously vanished. I can’t however, recall any mass shooting that weren’t false flags, and I don’t hear of them happening in the inner cities either. Even the gang-bangers never seem to kill more than one or two at a time.

  4. What’s pissing me off is that all these sluggards that are finally waking up to reality are driving up the prices of EVERYTHING, weapons, ammo, and clips, by rushing to the gun outlets en masse.

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