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Rep. Keith Ellison Gets Shut Down during Heated Interview with Hannity, Calling him Immoral

Published on Feb 26, 2013 by YouHotNews

Sean Hannity Battles Disrespectful Keith Ellison.
Right in the beginning, Democratic congressman Keith Ellison told Hannity: ‘You’re The Worse Excuse For A Journalist’, launched into an angry tirade against the host, accusing him of being “immoral” and a liar. He told Hannity he continuously says things that aren’t true, pointing to his consistently blaming the massive debt on President Obama. Hannity immediately stopped the interview at this point and told Ellison that having him on was a waste of time.

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15 Responses to Rep. Keith Ellison Gets Shut Down during Heated Interview with Hannity, Calling him Immoral

  1. CAR says:

    LOL I’m sorry but all I can day is this muy is an idiot, how in the hell did he ever get elector

  2. Mark says:

    These are dangerous people making the laws,they may look funny but tjis is the wolves that are taking your rights away and hate white people

  3. Carlos says:

    I’m glad I dont live in MN anymore just because of this douche and because of the other douche Frankin!!

  4. Aware says:

    It looks like Sean Hannity finally got a taste of his own medicine.

  5. Bleh says:

    Keith Ellison, once a Roman Catholic, is now a Muslim as well as co chair of the Communist Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    We call those types lying whores around here. I wouldn’t even give him the time of day, much less listen to anything the corrupt demagogue has to say.

    Put a media black out on him but keep track of his corrupt activities and make sure he does not get re-elected.

  6. rhumstruck says:

    The first three minutes were great. After suggesting this himself, Barry Marshall does a complete turn around and begins campaigning against it with his new same old song and dance! I thought Mittens was the flip-flop master.

  7. Alberet says:

    BUSHBama is just serving out BABYBush’s 4th term. MAN-UP …… BUSHBama did NOT dig us into this debt-hole ….. he just keeps on digging:
    I never understand why people think Reagan was a great conservative? He was the first of the ANTI-cons aka neocons. Reagan started us on the slide of debt-death, preferring to use “credit cards” to hide his excess spending and shove the inflation/debt onto coming generations. Reagan waged war on the Working People of America (1)Launching the war with his attack on unionization, firing the air-traffic controllers and (2) Introducing the concepts of low paid part-time and contract workers. Remember how Henry Ford introduced the concept that if you paid your people enough money, they would/could buy the products they were building? Well Reagan destroyed that concept, and brought us HERE, to THIS economic crash. Reagan was no “hero” who destroyed Communism. Reagan was a coward who HID the fact that the USSR was dead on it’s feet and collapsing. Reagan created fear in the People to get support for a wasteful looting of the Public Treasury by the Military Industrial Thieves. Finally, Reagan, the week after leaving office, ran over to Japan to collect at LEAST $6MILLION in “speaking fees” which was a nice term for BRIBE for keeping our markets open to the Japanese, and thus SELLING OUT American Workers. No, Reagan was not a great man, he was a Low Life Credit Card spendthrift.
    And another thing — america became a war mongering state on the day that an all volunteer military (another Reagan screwup) became a reality, in the aftermath of the VN war. Thus ensuring more riches for the WAR PROFITEERS

    The four biggest liars w.r.t. the economy over the past 32 years are Reagan, Greenspan, GW Bush and Bernanke. They are the most responsible for the current economic problems because the consumption-debt build up took off in mid-1980s and continues to this day primarily because of bad tax policies.

    Since 1981 — “don’t tax and spend, just borrow and spend”, the “Reagan Revolution” borrowed most of it during so-called “good times,” and on a scale once reserved for the rare Keynesian stimulus needed to combat serious recession. Thus, now that we’re in a deep recession, when we can least afford our federal government has borrowed and spent way too much. Even worse, we find ourselves at an unprecedented level of indebtedness (comparable, in terms of GDP, to the entire cost of World War

  8. Alberet says:

    Hannity claims to be a “conservative” — ANOTHER chickenhawk who wraps himself in the American FLAG but NEVER wraps himself in an American UNIFORM.—–
    Did Sean Hannity serve in the military?

    Hannity grew up in Franklin Square, New York. During the late 1980s, Hannity was a general contractor in Santa Barbara, California and also a bartender. Hannity graduated in 1980 from St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary high school, located in Uniondale, New York. Hannity dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University. He later decided to pursue a radio career. Hannity hosted his first talk radio show in 1989 at the volunteer college station at UC Santa Barbara, KCSB-FM, while working as a general contractor.

  9. millard says:

    It was rather entertaining watching a couple douchebags go after each other, however, it is a sad state of affairs that we allow either one of them to assume the positions they are in.

    • diggerdan says:

      They remind me of a couple of brain dead drunks bitchin` just to bitch about something.

      • RobW says:

        Hi digger,
        The sad thing is, is that people who watch that s*it don’t realize that it’s all scripted propaganda. Ellison would never be where he is, same with Hannity, but for the strategy of the propaganda ministry. That ministry preceded the common use of television. Television is about 50% disinformation, 45% distraction, and maybe 5% entertainment. Trouble is, the whole package winds up being 100% propaganda. Sadly, children are allowed to view it.
        Be well man, Rob

  10. Royko Laughs says:

    When did Hannity ever say he was a journalist?

    • beerBoy says:

      My question is: how did Hannity register as a conservative? There is no Conservative Party yet he maintained several times in the interview that he wasn’t a Republican he was a registered conservative.

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