Report in Syria: Suspected chemical substance dropped from planes

Y Net News – by Roi Kais

Two people were killed and 20 others were injured in northwestern Syrian province of Idlib Tuesday after warplanes dropped bags containing “strange substances,” Al-Jazeera reported, saying the suspicious material was apparently chemical weapons.

Videos uploaded by the Qatari news network show casualties having difficulties breathing treated in makeshift hospitals. One video showed a healthcare professional drawing attention to the white foam coming out of an injured man’s mouth.  

The issue of possible chemical attacks by President Bashar Assad‘s government has become a crucial factor that could lead to the United States and other western powers stepping up their involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Both Washington and Jerusalem have expressed concern about chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorist groups – either hardline Islamist rebels fighting to topple Assad or his regional allies.

Last week rebels claimed 42 people suffocated to death following a chemical attack by Assad’s forces on a Damascus suburb.

Also last week, official mouthpiece Al-Watan said numerous regime fighters were hospitalized suffering from similar symptoms, namely difficulties in breathing. Some of the casualties have died, Al-Watan reported.

Meanwhile, the bloodshed in Syria goes on as it has for every other day over the past three years. Opposition sources said 119 people were killed Monday as a result of fierce fighting between rebel forces and Assad loyalists throughout the country. The majority of the casualties came from different Damascus suburbs and as well as from the towns of Aleppo and Daraa.

The London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper published statements by a Lebanese source claiming that Hezbollah is prepared for any military development. According to the source, this is in light of the meeting between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, in which the two coordinated their stances regarding the support of Damascus.

According to the report, sources in Lebanon believe that a war will break out within six weeks, involving Lebanon, Syria and possibly, Iran.,7340,L-4374213,00.html

5 thoughts on “Report in Syria: Suspected chemical substance dropped from planes

  1. What??? This site running propaganda for al jazeera??? This site done this to keep the servers in washington? Please don’t spread these lies! Syria if it had chem weapons would not use them against the population. God bless all..

    1. Hi donj3nko,

      Clearly,.. we are NOT part of the proganda machine.

      We are simply reporting what OTHER news agencies are stating at this time,.. so we can understand what the proganda is,. and so we can analysis it ourselves.

      Please see my tactical evaluation below.

      Thanks – JD – US Marines – The propaganda slayer

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    As discussed, and predicted MANY times on our show,…. Foreign backed efforts are desperate to generate a reason to bring in “set-piece” forces.

    This can be accomplished by using the only gambit left to them,… the “Chemicals-Weapons” ploy.

    Assad has ZERO reason or benefit to use them,… HE’S WINNING ALREADY,… hence the need of the US, Israel, France, IMF, UN, NATO and so forth to play this card.

    Q: Was this dropping of “bagged” weapons done by Assad or the Syrian army?

    A: No.


    1) Assad has the support of his people who actually understand it’s western backed powers that are invading/destroying Syria.

    2) The Syrian army is ALREADY winning,.. they have zero need to employ controversial techniques when conventional methods are working for them exceedingly well.

    3) By dropping “bags” of whatever it was,.. this show a completely hasty decision to drop something to claim that it was Assad &/or the Syrian army.

    Chemical weapons are NEVER simply dropped like bags of sugar. They are ALWAYS dispersed with an aerosol device (spraying like a mist), or in a shell casing that release it like a smoke grenade.

    The fact the CIA/Mossad/MI6 and other western interests have rushed to drop “something” so they can claim the use of chemical weapons is a clear, and irrefutable indication of the pressure, need, and desperation of our governments to create a NATO-Intervention situation.

    This has all been criminal conduct and crimes against humanity by our governments,… and now,.. they are committing open atrocities out of desperation.

    When do we say enough?

    JD – US Marines – Tacitcal evaluation of this situation.

  3. For truthers it is quite obvious that NATO/Israel did it. Israel esp. is pushing for the “red line”.

    The video link below is an eye opener. It shows the militants affected by sarin. The whole thing looked fake just like what the crisis actors did for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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