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South America 2008 (15)Left Hook – by Dean Henderson

I’ve seen more than a few bizarre US election campaigns in my life. In 2004 when Barrack Obama won his Illinois US Senate seat, I won the Democratic primary for Congress across the big muddy river in Missouri’s 8th District.

I lost the general election to Republican Jo Ann Emerson’s Corporate PAC-Money Machine- she raised $1 million to my $17,000. Refusing to accept corporate money, I never had a chance, but we stirred it up and built a more progressive Democratic Party in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District.  

The main event featured Bush the Draft Dodger vs. Kerry the Vietnam Vet. The Fox News “yellow ribbon on their minivan” crowd predictably picked the coward. Their beloved smirker loved to talk tough, so long as other people fought his wars. He was just like them. Yellow was a good choice of colors.

Substance didn’t matter. It was all about acting. A blue-blood coke-head coward from Maine, cousin of the Windsors and friend of the bin Ladens, starred as brush-burning cowboy who would “keep us safe”. It was a box office smash. Forget that 911 happened under Junior’s watch. Or that brother Marvin’s Securacom had the security contract on the World Trade Center. Or that Saudi Prince Bandar huddled with the brush cutter at the White House that evening. Or that Poppy Bush was advising bin Laden family investments at Carlyle Group.

That was all too real. There was a much more exhilarating story line being conjured up by the fascist Illuminati news cartel. Democrats were unpatriotic gun-seizing queer baby-killers. They weren’t really even Americans. They were terrible actors, not dramatic enough and constantly boring us with all these facts. They were an unnecessary interruption in an otherwise action-packed movie.

Reality took its curtain call in 2008. The audience’s 401K’s disappeared while the movie director banker’s swam away with the swag. A tidal wave of change swept the land. The best the stunned Zionist banking cartel could do was hit the fast forward to a well-planned 2010 sequel.

Their well-funded Tea Party cast debut fell on its collective white middle-class face after a few in the balcony debunked the phony history lesson. The old “colonizers pretending to be colonized victims” shtick was a bit transparent, though the pro-mercantilist British Army turncoats did score points for drama. This was enough to convince the more illiterate movie-goers. It was just so darn simple.

The always-lying Republicans talked of inevitable victory, the always-afraid Democrats of imminent defeat. It looked like the theme of the sequel would be self-fulfilling prophecies. Still some were not convinced and left the theater early. So the City of London/Wall Street Robber Barons marched out their third act. Their well-placed stagehands on the Republican-stacked Supreme Court decided that the more money you have, the more you should get to talk. Some in the audience had apparently been confused. They had very wrongly assumed that since they lived in America, freed and democratic by virtue of bloody revolution from the House of Lords, Divine Right of Kings, decree by Inbred Bloodlines model…Silly popcorn eaters.

This counter-revolutionary act by judicial royalists unleashed an unprecedented tidal wave of Rothschild-tentacle election funding. The mind controller’s airwaves are jammed with musically ominous tales of the devil Nancy Pelosi and her black and surely Muslim President, both bent on destroying “the real America”. The misogynous racist preview segues into more central Robber Baron nightmares such as “higher taxes”, “big government” and loss of “private sector” jobs.

Astute movie buffs may be asking where, throughout forty years of Reaganomics, merger-mania and “free trade”, had all those darn private sector jobs gone? They might have wondered why government contract-procuring billionaires were whining about a 36% tax rate, when the inheritor chaps’ daddies had paid 90% under that damned Communist Republican Dwight Eisenhower? The more audacious of the lot- the one’s that sneak in their own M&M’s or pint of whiskey into the master’s theater- may even have wondered how “Big Government”, which had for decades aided and abetted the Robber Barons by doing a disappearing act, could get a smaller part in the movie and still be considered an actor at all?

In a few days we’ll find out how the 2014 sequel ends. Will slick Republican actors fool the “real Americans” into ceding the last shreds of our country back to the Crown and its London banker cartels? Or will reality take the final bow?

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

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