Retired Army General Says He’s ‘Ashamed To Be An American’ After Brutal Arrest By Police

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Officers from the Fayetteville, Georgia police department brutally arrested a retired four-star Army general, and now he says he’s ashamed to be an American” because of how out-of-control the police have gotten.

William J. Livsey, 84, along with his neighbors, have accused police of severe violent acts during an alleged dispute with a food delivery driver.  

“It’s the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be an American,” Livsey said to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Raw Story notes a report from the Journal-Constitution, which “noted that a portion of Highway 314 in town was renamed the ‘General Bill Livsey Highway’ in Livsey’s honor.” They add that “he retired from duty in 1987, following a career that saw him win the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star and Distinguished Service Medal, among other honors.”

“They took me away without my shoes, glasses or medicine. I fought for this country so hard, and I’ve tried to do good all my life,” Livsey recounted.

This all started when a delivery driver said his debit card was not accepted. Livsey offered a check, but the driver refused.

What happened next is for a court to sort out. The drive says that the 84-year-old man “grabbed him by the throat and pinned him” against his refrigerator. But the physical state of Livsey makes that somewhat difficult to imagine, as you will see in the video at the bottom of this article.

Police believed the driver though, and they decided the elderly man needed some police-administered “street justice.”

The former commander of US forces in South Korea was swarmed by ten officers, who claim he “resisted” and eventually tried to “punch one of the officers and kick another one all while making threatening and disparaging remarks.”

But neighbors who witnessed this incident say it was “just blown out of proportion,” by the police, according to a neighbor who spoke with local WSB-TV.

“Way too many police for that. Way too many. And the way they handcuffed him was ridiculous.”

Watch the local WSB’s report in the video below…

5 thoughts on “Retired Army General Says He’s ‘Ashamed To Be An American’ After Brutal Arrest By Police

  1. Police are viewing all citizens as the enemy. The “Only Ones” are a law unto themselves. They will get away with it,,,,,for a while.

  2. This is another incident in an Atlanta suburb. This is ‘generally’ a half-way decent town, but it’s been growing more and more over the past decade. I stay away from the cops in all these Atlanta metro towns, there are just too many bad apples in these town.

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