Revolution in Egypt Affects the United States

Seven days of protests in Egypt and still no clue as to what is going to become of it all.  It is reported there will be a million person march Tuesday and a general strike has been called throughout the nation.  It seems the people of Egypt want the dictator Mubarak out, and they are not going to settle for anything less, which begs the question, if Mubarak steps down who is going to step up to lead the country until elections can be held.  

The Egyptian military is definitely the prominent power but if it is not being controlled by a civilian authority that would leave the Egyptians with a military dictatorship, which is essentially what they are trying to get away from.  It is hard to believe that those who planned the revolt, which has thus far been successful, did not have a contingency plan in the event that they succeeded. 

Meanwhile, crude oil in United States is back above $90 per barrel.  This is not due to any shortages or hold ups in production or delivery.  It is indeed speculation driving up the price, what a scam.  The speculators buy up oil and commodities, speculating that an unforeseen event will drive the prices up, and in speculating and buying up oil and commodities, they drive the price up.  I guess this is a win-win situation for the speculators and a lose-lose for the rest of us.  I can definitely see why there is no effort being made to solve the situation in Egypt as there is a lot of money to be made if the crisis continues.

Some are speculating that oil is going to go above $100 per barrel which will drive commodity prices through the roof.  This leads me to speculate that in the end result the American consumer is going to pay the price for thirty years of tyranny in Egypt. 

I do not think I like this one world economy.  We, the American consumer cannot control the actions of the peoples on the other side of the world, yet we are forced to live with the consequences of their decisions.  And it seems every time an action is taken to better the world economy, in reality something is taken from our economy and given to another, like China, South Korea, or India. 

It would seem logical that if there is a large crisis we would want to isolate ourselves from it.  But the very mention of isolationism is rejected out of hand as those in a position to reject it, demand that the people of the United States be a party to every dirty deal they perpetrate around the world.  You see these giant business conglomerates want to be able to screw anybody, anywhere while enjoying the full backing of the American military.  If you look deeply enough into any conflict around the world you will find a dirty business deal at its roots.

I sincerely hope the people of Egypt find a way to resolve their present difficulties, but I think we Americans need to take a position that is best for our country and get back to trying to save ourselves.

God bless our wonderful Republic.

0 thoughts on “Revolution in Egypt Affects the United States

  1. Let’s see if I get the concept:

    WE (Americans) take care of ourselves and let every body else do the same?

    Wow Rick! I absolutely LOVE it! Ingenious! How in the world did you ever come up with that?

    Think we could get this to catch on around the country? I think it’s really revolutionary! I’m gonna tell everybody I know about this!

  2. Brian,
    Thank you for your acknowledgement of my intellect. I means more to me than you can know. As for my revolutionary idea, could you please keep it on the sly for a couple of days as this site is the only place I have revealed it and I am waiting on a patent. I think this is going to be the one to put me over the top.

    1. Well, OK…but I really think they should give this some serious consideration in Washington. Imagine that…America again.

      Bloody morons!

  3. Why don’t we, the USA take care of our own country and people before we try to help others. Then, maybe we can help other countries if we had our own **** together.

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